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Asuka left for Japan (Updated)

Asuka has recently used social media posts to tease a return to her old “Murder Clown” gimmick that she used in Japan, prior to her days in WWE.

This week’s Raw furthered the idea that Asuka is in the midst of a transformation, because she wasn’t wearing her typical WWE face paint. Asuka once again lost her match; WWE commentators mentioned that she isn’t as feared as she once was, opening the door for Asuka to consider embracing her more vicious side going forward.

That’s why it’s especially interesting that Asuka posted the following video on her YouTube channel, where she flies from Chicago back to Japan, following this week’s episode of Raw.

The title of the video simply reads: “I’m going to Japan to look for something I forgot.”

Asuka doesn’t say anything in the video to elaborate any further on what she is looking for, but I’m going to willfully ignore all the other possibilities and simply assume she’s searching for her old gimmick.

Do you think we’ll see a brand new (and deadlier) version of Asuka in WWE whenever she returns to the United States, Cagesiders?

Update: It turns out that Asuka has been tweeting about the Murder Clown just as I’ve been writing about it.

Here are her latest tweets, where she says she has yet to find what she’s looking for:

Can you decipher what’s going on here?

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