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Mandy Rose thanks fans after WWE fires her, new details emerge

The wrestling world was shocked yesterday by reports that WWE fired Mandy Rose. The news of Mandy’s release came less than 24 hours after her 400+ day reign as NXT women’s champion ended at the hands of Roxanne Perez. The crux of WWE’s decision appears to revolve around racy material on Mandy’s FanTime page.

Per PW Insider, Rose sent out the following message on her FanTime page thanking fans for their support:

“Hey guys, thank you for all the messages. I am overwhelmed with all the love and support from you guys. And don’t worry the page is still up! ;)”

There have been mixed stories going around as to when WWE made the decision to fire Rose, when Mandy found out about it, if it may have been a mutual agreement, and so forth.

Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer chimed in with what he knows about the situation. Meltzer says it was decided on the day of the show that Mandy needed to drop the title:

“There was a meeting and Matt Bloom brought to Shawn Michaels, told him some of the stuff that she’s been putting on her subscription service, and told Shawn what was there. And Shawn’s immediate thing was, we got to get the title off of her immediately. Switched around the whole show, got the title off of her.”

“They had advertised the match for January 10th. They might have done the title change, it would have been either January 10th or February 4th. I believe they were gonna do the title change, that Perez was going to win the title. But it was not going to be [this week]. Then of course right after they got the title from her, then they fired her. So, that’s what happened.”

“She’s had the subscription service and it got popular and lucrative. She went further and further, and the feeling was that she way, way, way crossed the line. They believe that they had absolutely no choice but to get rid of her in that situation...they promised sponsors a cleaner product as far as who the people are.”

What do you make of WWE’s sudden decision to fire Mandy Rose, Cagesiders?

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