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Vince McMahon ‘will certainly try’ to return to WWE, and he has the voting power to cause trouble

Earlier this week, The Wall Street Journal reported that Vince McMahon has told people that he intends to return to WWE. All of a sudden, the story of his disgraceful resignation as Chairman and CEO of WWE in July following a hush money scandal is anything but settled business.

On the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer explained that the decision on Vince’s return is ultimately up to the WWE Board of Directors, where it should be understood that bringing McMahon back is a huge risk:

“Vince wants back. Vince is the majority shareholder. He owns the most voting power. He does not own 50 percent of the stock, but he does own probably close to 80 percent of the voting power. If it was a private company, he could be in tomorrow. But because it’s a public company, the Board of Directors have to make decisions...their job is to look out for the company, and they may very well believe, and probably do, that Vince coming back would not be the best thing.”

“Because of these allegations that are public, if he came back there would definitely be issues with some sponsors...even perhaps FOX and would be a big, big, big risk.”

Meltzer continued on by expressing doubt that the company will ever be sold as long as Vince intends to return to power:

“Another key thing with that story is that because he wants to come back, that company is not being sold. It can’t be sold. Because if it’s sold, then he has no voting power...if it’s sold, he’s never coming back. And obviously as long as he wants to come back, he will not sell this company. And he does have, because of owning over 50 percent of voting shares, he can block any sale that Nick Khan or anybody else wants to do with anyone.”

“Whatever talks of sale there is, it can’t happen until Vince gives up the ghost and says, ‘I’m not gonna come back.’ And as long as Vince has this attitude, they’re not gonna be able to sell.”

This is Vince McMahon we’re talking about, and he won’t go down without a fight:

“It would be a major, major internal upheaval in that company for him to come back. But he’s Vince, and maybe he will. Put it this way, he will certainly try. In itself, just the fact that he’s trying is gonna be a big, big story.”

Do you think this story ends with McMahon returning to power in WWE, Cagesiders?

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