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Mia Yim shut down her Twitter account because some people are ridiculous

Ridiculous stuff has always happened on Twitter.

There’s a new focal point for blame — or praise, depending on your worldview. But it remains a place where largely anonymous groups of people can make life annoying and possibly dangerous for those they take issue with, for any reason. Occasionally those issues are valid, and deal with serious issues. Oftentimes however, they seem... well, ridiculous.

We’ve seen it happen before in the world of wrestling, but I’m not sure I can recall an instance quite this ridiculous.

WWE posted a gallery of “2022 WWE Superstar photo shoot outtakes” on their website recently. If you click through to the 61st picture in the set of 67 pics, you’ll find this one of Mia Yim and Austin Theory:

Now, I get that the photo likely got shared around a lot without any context, so some folks may not have realized this was an outtake. But you shouldn’t need an explanation to realize this is a pair of co-workers goofing off. My first thought when it hit my timeline was, “Why is Theory holding two yogurts?”

But since Yim is married to AEW’s Keith Lee, and because people are ridiculous (in general, and especially on social media), several took issue with her posing with another man in what they deemed an unchaste or impure way. They weren’t content to keep their ridiculousness to themselves, either. No, they had to share it with the online world — and take Mia in their criticisms.

She tweeted and deleted a response to this nonsense:

Mia Yim’s Twitter

This isn’t the first time Yim’s seen a wrestler get caught in the crosshairs of some segment of Wrestling Twitter, though. So she decided discretion was the better part of valor, and deleted her statement on the matter. Then she shut down her entire account.

Mia Yim’s Twitter

To summarize: So many people felt it was imperative Mia know they didn’t approve of a picture taken & posted by her employers that she decided the easiest thing to do walk away from the entire platform they were using to communicate their disapproval.


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