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WWE’s Adam Pearce formally rescinds Bobby Lashley’s termination

The All Mighty isn’t ‘fired’ after all.

Adam Pearce’s Twitter

The Dec. 12 Raw ended with WWE’s on-screen authority figure Adam Pearce firing Bobby Lashley for attacking a referee (the second time in two weeks he’s done that) and putting his hands on Pearce.

With no indications that Lashley’s contract was up or that the All Mighty is dealing with an injury, this didn’t seem to be a write-off. So we were left to wonder how WWE would bring him back from being fired on national television.

Here’s how:

Pearce still has an issue with Bobby’s recent behavior (he’s been on a bit of tear since Brock Lesnar attacked him back in October, leading to Lashley losing the United States title), but emotions got the better of him last night in Milwaukee. So Lashley is not fired.

There will be repercussions for Big Bob’s actions. We’ll find out more about those when Pearce and Lashley sit down and figure out if they can still work together going forward.


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