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Becky Lynch with some nightmare fuel... for a good cause

Sami Zayn is one of, if not the, hottest act in pro wrestling. It’s a pretty amazing development for people who’ve known him since his days working under a mask on the independent scene*, but a very welcome one.

It’s welcome not only because Zayn is a talented performer who brings innovation and creativity to everything he does. It’s also because by all accounts, Sami is good (if occasionally annoying) people.

For proof of that, look no farther than his continuing work to bring medical care to people effected by the war in Syria. His latest effort for that cause is a limited edition t-shirt that includes one of the phrases he’s made popular during his storyline with The Bloodline.

Becky Lynch, a long time friend of Zayn who’s represented his charitable merchandise on her social media in the past, is helping him spread the word about the “My Dawg!” shirt. She’s done so by modeling it while holding her daughter, but as she & Seth Rollins try to keep Roux out of the spotlight, she’s obscured the kiddo’s face.

With Sami’s, in what has to be the most terrifying thing I’ve seen this week...

Yeet. I know I’m not using that right, but it’s still the sound I made when I saw what The Man posted. Guess I’m just not feeling Ucey. Probably because I’m jealous of how great Roux’s beard looks.

Anyway, get your shirt here and supper a great cause. It’s only available until Fri., Dec. 23 at 1pm ET, my dawgs.

* Peddle your nonsense elsewhere, Generico-holics.

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