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More of this Asuka, please

My man Sean told you the other day about Asuka’s recent Twitter behavior seemingly pointing to the potential return of her old “Murder Clown” roots from her pre-WWE days. She’s been running hot and cold lately in regards to both her time on television and the character she’s been portraying on screen.

For too long, she was booked to be a goofy babyface who was just out there having fun. And maybe that worked for plenty of folks who adore her.

But for me, I’m hugely in favor of this turn back to the darker side, where she’s super aggressive and her matches are much stiffer. The way she was getting after Rhea Ripley during Monday Night Raw this week was fantastic.

It’s worth pointing out that commentary addressed her tweets and made it a part of her story on-screen. Does that mean they’re going to go the full nine with it? Of course not, but at the very least she’s quite obviously changing up at least somewhat.

And it’s a welcome change indeed.

Anyway, here are all the videos from Raw this week:

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