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Bayley enlists an unlikely soldier in her war with Michael Cole

And we don’t mean Finn Bálor.

It’s low key one of the best rivalries in WWE over the past few years, It started after her 2019 heel turn, and really took on a life of its own in the ThunderDome, when Bayley talking crap about announcer Michael Cole became a highlight of the company’s pandemic era shows.

Bayley’s hatred for the voice of WWE even continued while she was sidelined for a year by a knee injury. Since she returned and formed Damage CTRL, their banter hasn’t been as prominent as it was during those empty arena shows. But Bay still lives to mess with Cole. So much so that she’ll even turn a beloved holiday tradition into an excuse to dunk on the guy.

Along with WWE co-CEO Stephanie McMahon, Bayley & Finn Bálor (who we assume Cole hates, since he pals around with that “punk spoiled brat” Dominik Mysterio and “his sick witch girlfriend” Rhea Ripley) were meeting kids and their parents at Make-A-Wish Connecticut’s Winter Wonderland celebration recently. When Bayley got a few moments alone with Jolly Old Saint Nick, what do you think she wished for? Bianca Belair’s championship? Peace on earth? For Mercedes Varnado’s joshi dreams to come true?

Okay, she may have asked for that last one off-camera.

On camera, though, she asked Santa to put coal in Cole’s stocking — and to get the SmackDown play-by-play man new glasses, a new voice to replace his “annoying” existing one, and to maybe get him a new job.

The jolly old elf gives her a big laugh and says “we’ll see what we can do,” Look out Cole!

The clip’s gotten a fair amount of play today, mostly thanks to Bayley quote-tweeting it to hype her #1 contender’s match against Alexa Bliss on Raw tonight (Dec. 12). We’re excited for that, but we’re honestly more looking forward to what’s under Cole’s tree in two weeks...

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