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Jamie Noble’s final WWE match seems like it was pretty perfect

Injuries forced former Ring of Honor World and WWE Cruiserweight champion Jamie Noble to retire as a full-time performer back in 2009. He still worked in-ring on occasion, with his last matches coming in 2015 when he was one of Seth Rollins’ lackeys during The Authority angle. But while we don’t see much of him on screen, Noble’s a producer/agent for WWE for more than a decade — and an extremely respected one, at that.

That’s probably why, with the company running a holiday house show in Noble’s home state of West Virginia on Dec. 11, WWE not only booked the 45 year old so he could go out on his own terms...

... but also incorporated his farewell into the main event:

Noble (real name James Gibson, which is also the name you’ll find his ROH title run under) got time to shine toward the end of the match, taking out each member of The Bloodline with signature moves like cutters and dropkicks while his partners Braun Strowman, Butch & Ridge Holland were incapacitated on the floor. He had Sami Zayn pinned after a super-rana, but that also happened after a ref bump. It looked like Zayn would win it with a Superman Punch after a low blow, but Noble kicked out at two to a big pop from the crowd.

He’d counter the Honorary Uce’s next attempt to use Roman Reigns’ finisher, pinning Zayn after hitting him with his own sitout powerbomb finish.

Afterwards, Zayn paid tribute on behalf of The Bloodline...

... and as other babyfaces joined Noble & his teammates in the ring, he thanked everyone for making the day a special one. Then Strowman took it home with a sing-along:

Sami also offered some out-of-character thoughts on social media after the show:

Seems pretty perfect to us.

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