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Shotzi says she’ll be out for six weeks

Before this past week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown ever made the air, WWE ran an angle that saw Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler slam Shotzi’s hand in a car door. It sure appeared to be a write off, and now we know that’s exactly what it was.

That’s because Shotzi herself posted an x-ray showing a broken hand and claiming she’ll be out for the next six weeks:

That makes for two wrestlers in as many shows doing injury angles taking them out for six weeks, with Matt Riddle being taken out on Monday Night Raw this past week. Shotzi’s timing is tough, considering she was involved in a program with Rousey over the SmackDown women’s championship. Sure, she lost in their singles match at Survivor Series but she was right there.

Now, she’s headed for the shelf. Thankfully, though, she’s expected back in time for Royal Rumble.

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