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NXT Deadline results: Roxanne Perez wins Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge


NXT got its Deadline Premium Live Event off to a hot start with the first of two brand spankin’ new Iron Survivor Challenge matches. Zoey Stark and Roxanne Perez made history as the first two wrestlers to compete in the match type tonight (Sat., Dec. 10, 2022) in Orlando, Florida.

The idea of the match is quite simple — there are five wrestlers and they get 25 minutes to score as many points as possible. You earn a point by scoring a fall, be it by pin, submission, or DQ. Two wrestlers start, and three more enter via five minute intervals. If you lose a fall, you get 90 seconds in the penalty box.

First, the order of entrants:

  1. Zoey Stark
  2. Roxanne Perez
  3. Kiana James
  4. Cora Jade
  5. Indi Hartwell

Stark scored the first fall, pinning Perez just before the 10 minute mark. Jade got involved with a pinfall of James at just under 13 minutes. That meant there were just two falls before everyone made it into the match.

Hartwell needed just one minute to score a fall of her own, as she quickly pinned Perez.

Perez was next to score, her first of the match, at over 18 minutes in, pinning Stark. She then managed to score another one on her old rival, Jade, with a pinfall at the 23 minute mark. That left just two minutes for everyone else to catch up.

Jade got out of the penalty box just in time to try to sprint to the ring and make up the difference but she couldn’t do it.

James, for her part, was the one wrestler who never scored a fall.

Perez - 2
Stark - 1
Jade - 1
Hartwell - 1
James - 0

Roxanne Perez is getting another shot at Mandy Rose and the NXT women’s championship.

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