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Bray Wyatt breaks character to express gratitude for his uncle Barry Windham’s recovery

Last week, WWE Hall of Famer Barry Windham suffered what his niece Mika Rotunda described as a massive heart attack. He started the week in intensive care, but yesterday (Dec. 9), Rotunda shared that he was in stable condition. The 62 year old is out of the ICU, talking and able to stand.

The entire situation left Mika’s brother Windham (who we mostly know as Bray Wyatt) wanting to say thanks... for the health of the man with whom he shares a name, for the bystander at the Atlanta airport who helped save his uncle’s life, and for everyone who supports wrestling and wrestlers. Wyatt did so in a video he posted on Instagram:

“Normally, I keep a lot of my outside life separate from anything I do on here or in the ring. I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m incredibly grateful for the support and the love that I’ve received since I’ve been back, and throughout my career. Wrestling has been a a part of my life — always.

“And when I was a kid, I looked at my dad, my uncles, my grandfather, who were all professional wrestlers — I looked at them as if they were like they were Greek gods or something, like they couldn’t feel pain. They were immortal, they would always be just like that. As we get older, and I become a man myself, you start to understand that’s just not the case. Nothing is forever.

“This week, my uncle, Barry Windham, he had a massive heart failure in Atlanta and he went down, and he didn’t have a pulse for 10 to 20 minutes, so he was away. He was gone.

“I want to thank one specific man, Michael Todd Lalic, who was there — a random citizen. He gave him CPR there throughout that entire time before everyone else and the EMTs can get to him, and he stayed with him, and he’s the reason that we have Barry still. He’s alive, he’s with us.

“Barry Windham has given his life to his profession. His whole life has been about this, just like mine, and he put everything into it, and I wanted to share that I am incredibly thankful to have him back.

“My sister set up a GoFundMe in his name and not obligated to share, no one is obligated to share anything. But if you could, that would be incredibly helpful … Be good to the ones you love. Always remind them about that how much they mean to you because nothing is forever. Thank you for everything, guys.”

The fundraiser Mika Rotunda set up for Barry Windham can be found here.

H/T: Post Wrestling

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