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WWE NXT Deadline results, live streaming match coverage

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WWE NXT Deadline is all set to pop off tonight (Sat., Nov. 10, 2022) at 8pm ET, live on Peacock and WWE Network! will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of NXT Deadline below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

NXT’s still in the WWE Performance Center in Orlando for this one, which will feature two title matches, two Iron Survivor Challenges, and more. To get you ready, we’ve got a preview & predictions right here!

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with the best damn pro wrestling community on the interwebs. And remember to keep refreshing!


Bron Breakker (c) def. Apollo Crews for the NXT championship
Grayson Waller def. Carmelo Hayes, JD McDonagh, Joe Gacy and Axiom in an Iron Survivor Challenge
The New Day def. Pretty Deadly (c) for the NXT Tag titles
Isla Dawn def. Alba Fyre
Roxanne Perez def. Cora Jade, Indi Hartwell, Kiana James, and Zoey Stark in an Iron Survivor Challenge


It is foolish to venture into strange enchanted places, if they aren’t the places you want to be, so that’s why I’m gonna hang out here and liveblog this pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with a video package hyping the show up.

Cora Jade vs. Indi Hartwell vs. Kiana James vs. Roxanne Perez vs. Zoey Stark (NXT Women’s Championship #1 Contender’s Iron Survivor Match)

Stark and Perez start this one out, Zoey with a side headlock, shot off, shoulder block, cover for one. Roxanne with a side headlock of her own, schoolboy for two, looking for quick covers, no deal. Stark with a scoop and a slam, cover for two, reverse chinlock applied. Cora with an armbar, the countdown timer ticks...

Kiana James is out third.

James right in looking for pins, Stark clobbers her with a forearm, half nelson suplex, she lands on her feet, roundhouse kick... Perez breaks it up! Roxanne blocking whips, Kiana gets through with one, hip toss blocked, fireman’s carry, Zoey with a dropkick! James falls into a cover and Stark pulls her off of it!

Superkick to Kiana, Roxanne sidesteps one, schoolboy for two! Uppercuts, Zoey cracks her off to the floor and turns back to James. Cut off with a forearm, whip and slide to the floor, trip Kiana up, stomp Roxanne’s face into the steel steps! James cuts her off and steals the cover, only two, kneeling surfboard applied.

Stepping over, Perez breaks away, back body drop, axehandles for Stark! Charging uppercut, roll through, Zoey clocks her with a superkick and hits the flipping facebuster...

Zoey Stark earns her first fall by pinfall with her flipping facebuster on Roxanne Perez.

Perez to the penalty box as the countdown timer ticks...

Cora Jade enters fourth.

Trying to score a quick fall, Cora fails and has charging knees and springboard stomps! Perez escapes the penalty box and goes right after Jade, O’Connor roll on James sets up a Lou Thesz press and punches on Stark! Basement dropkick to Kiana, charging uppercut, sidestep, stack ‘em up, double uppercut!

Side Russian legsweep on Stark but James breaks it up! Rolling solebutt sets up Pop Rox but Jade returns and cuts her off...

Cora Jade earns her first fall by pinfall with a schoolboy pin on Kiana James.

Stark with a missile dropkick, Roxanne rolls her up for two, stereo superkicks to Jade, Zoey gets an armbar takedown, arm-trap, looking for a crossface and she gets it! Cora gets an inverted Indian deathlock on Stark! Perez escapes, triangle choke on Jade, wrenching it in as James gets out of the penalty box and returns to the ring, breaking submissions up!

Kiana rams Stark into the corner, back handspring into a shoulder thrust as the countdown timer ticks...

Indi Hartwell is out fifth.

Perez with a sunset flip pin on Hartwell, jawbreaker, Indi with a Hot Shot! Big boot...

Indi Hartwell earns her first fall by pinfall with a big boot on Roxanne Perez.

Stark with a slingshot senton atomico for two, dropping a knee, trading forearms, trading superkicks, big German suplex but Jade kicks out! Cora throws her out of the ring, Zoey and Kiana brawling on the floor, moonsault off the barricade takes Stark out! Throwing Zoey over the barricade as the referee issues his count!

Perez gets out of the box and throws James into the steel steps! Diving crossbody, Jade breaks it up, off the ropes, duck an elbow, Zoey returns to the ring and clobbers Roxanne with a forearm! Back suplex reversed...

Roxanne Perez earns her first fall by pinfall with a leg-trap sunset flip on Zoey Stark.

James frantically looking for a fall, quick pins, Hartwell with a straight suplex on Jade on the floor right as Perez puts Kiana into the ringpost! Stark returns from the box and cleans house, falling kick clobbers Indi! Charging uppercuts, everybody but Zoey ends up on the floor down and out, she slingshots herself... PLANCHA PUTS EVERYBODY DOWN!

Into a bit of “everybody do something cool”, Jade with underhooks, Perez fights out, rolling solebutt sets it up...

Roxanne Perez earns her second fall by pinfall with Pop Rox on Cora Jade.

Quick pinfall attempts as Cora loses her mind in the box, Stark crawls into a cover but James throws Hartwell at her to break it up! Kiana looking for falls, Perez gets an upkick, Indi gets her up and Perez Frankensteiners her to the floor! Stark with a superkick to James, the two of them jockeying for position as Cora gets let out... SPANISH FLY OFF THE TOP AND CORA BREAKS IT UP!

Jade with a lateral press for two! The match clock winds down, Jade with a DDT but Perez rolls out of the ring...

Roxanne Perez wins, 2-1-1-1-0, to become #1 contender to the NXT Women’s Championship.

We get a video package for Pretty Deadly.

Ivy Nile and Tatum Paxley are interviewed backstage by McKenzie Mitchell in a frankly gorgeous confection with a tiered skirt and white net everywhere.

They’re bummed about Julius Creed not being cleared but they talk about looking forward to bonding as a team.

Kayden Carter and Katana Chance roll up to compliment them on looking out for each other, they bicker gently and seem to set up a title match.

Alba Fyre vs. Isla Dawn

Fyre pressing the attack early, out and back in and she’s got Dawn trapped in a Koji Clutch! Isla rolls into a pin for two, Alba with a schoolboy, no deal! Looking for the KLR Bomb, Dawn reverses her into the corner and puts boots to her! Isla taking the lead, huge Meteora for two!

Kneeling armbar, taking her into the corner and beating her down, diving Meteora... NOPE! To the floor, both women down and out but they beat the count! Gourdbuster from Fyre, chest kicks, Isla reverses one but gets caught by a tornado DDT in the corner... STILL NO!

Back to the floor, Alba hammering at her, back inside, cover for two! Forearms, short-arm kicks, fireman’s carry slam! Fyre goes up top, senton atomico connects... BUT THE REFEREE IS TOO BUSY THROWING BLACK GOO UP TO COUNT! Isla gets up, Alba clobbers her with a superkick, new referee... NOPE!

Dawn slings her into the ropes and then into the turnbuckles, inverted facelock...

Isla Dawn wins by pinfall with an inverted headlock elbow drop.

We get a hype reel for Tribute to the Troops.

Apollo Crews is working out backstage.

New Day are interviewed.

They say it’s surreal to be here and they’re gonna fight Pretty Deadly because they’re looking for the best competition and they’re looking to become triple crown tag champs. It’s not easy to come across the pond and win gold, but the thing is they’re gonna leave this arena as the NXT Tag Team Champions.

New Day (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) vs. Pretty Deadly (Elton Prince & Kit Wilson) (c) (NXT Tag Team Championship)

Woods and Wilson to start, schoolboy attempt, no good! Kit runs away in hilariously exaggerated fashion, back inside, Xavier running hot, a series ends with a senton and a nearfall! Pretty Deadly rally, double teams, switching active partners and Kofi leads a rally of his own against Elton!

To the floor, Prince cuts off a dive but Kingston just dropkicks him and hits the tope con giro on the champions anyway! Pretty Deadly take Kofi out on the floor, back inside, choking him with a foot, pressing the attack until Kingston hits a DDT for separation!

Woods in hot, lariats, whip reversed, duck a lariat, slide under, double thrust takes Prince off his feet! Charging in, corner forearm, Wilson avoids getting stacked up but gets sent to the floor with a dropkick! Drop toehold puts Elton on the ropes, wrecking ball dropkick takes both champs out!

Enzuigiri for Prince, tornado DDT... SO CLOSE! Elton with elbows, cover for two, trading charging forearms, block Xavier from running, northern lariat takes him out! Tag to Wilson, assisted Codebreaker for two! Everybody doing Eddy Guerrero specials with the belt, treating it like a hot potato and all four men are down and out!

Coming to and pointing fingers,the referee takes the title away but a tug of war breaks out and Kit clobbers Woods with the other belt... BUT XAVIER WOODS WON’T STAY DOWN! Kofi with Trouble in Paradise on the floor, Prince with a folding press for two! Woods Hot Shots him, tag to Kingston, off the top, Midnight Hour... IT’S OVER!

New Day win the NXT Tag Team Championship by pinfall with Midnight Hour on Elton Prince.

Kayden Carter and Katana Chance run into Edris Enofe, Malik Blade, and Odyssey Jones backstage.

The girls invite them to hang out but Jones says they’re gonna train a little more so they can get stuff done.

Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne roll up to give the champs guff for offering a title match to Ivy and Tatum when in face they beat them in a trios match a few weeks ago.

Nile and Paxley attack from behind! Enofe and Blade return to pull them apart and that closes the segment!

Axiom vs. Carmelo Hayes vs. Grayson Waller vs. JD McDonagh vs. Joe Gacy (NXT Championship #1 Contender’s Iron Survivor Match)

Axiom and McDonagh to start. Axiom attacks, Golden Ratio blocked, JD posts his knee into the mat and follows it with a shinbreaker! Pressing the attack, Axiom stops him posting his knees and dives on him! Back and forth, HUGE northern lariat from Axiom gets a deep two!

Corner dropkicks, JD blasts him with a discus lariat, Liger bomb... NOT ENOUGH! The countdown timer ticks...

Carmelo Hayes is out third.

Hayes in hot, Fade Away on Axiom but McDonagh breaks it up! Whip across, Axiom with a Frankensteiner that sets up a lariat / DDT combo... NOPE! Back and forth and Carmelo gets it...

Carmelo Hayes earns his first fall by pinfall on Axiom.

JD beating on Carmelo, running Spanish Fly lands awkward as Axiom gets out of the box! Diving crossbody, chest kicks, everybody’s down and out as the countdown timer ticks...

Grayson Waller enters fourth.

Grayson Waller earns his first fall by pinfall with a lateral press on Axiom.

Grayson Waller earns his second fall by pinfall with a lateral press on JD McDonagh.

Hayes and Waller trading pinfall attempts, big elbow from Grayson, no dice! Waller to the floor, electric chair, Carmelo gets back on the apron but Waller hits a Stunner and boht men are out! Axiom gets out of the box, but McDonagh hangs onto him until his own timer runs out!

Axiom turns and closes the door and brawls with JD in the penalty box! He slams the door on McDonagh when he’s done and fends off an attack from Grayson, back inside, Hayes with a Falcon Arrow for two! Carmelo and Waller fighting on the floor and the A Champion goes hard into the announce desk!

Grayson calls Booker T a bitch and goes back inside to deal with Axiom! Axiom traps him...

Axiom earns his first fall by pinfall with a victory roll pin on Grayson Waller.

Clocking JD...

Axiom earns his second fall by pinfall with Golden Ratio on JD McDonagh.

The countdown timer ticks...

Joe Gacy enters fifth.

Gacy in hot, big lariat, Axiom kicks out, Rings of Saturn applied...

Joe Gacy earns his first fall by submission with a Rings of Saturn.

Waller and McDonagh out of the box and they attack Axiom as he’s about to go in and beat him down! Gacy attacks Hayes...

Joe Gacy earns his second fall by pinfall on Carmelo Hayes.

Fighting Waller and McDonagh off two on one, double whip, duck lariats, springboard crossbody! Joe off the ropes... BIG MAN TOPE CON GIRO! JD slams the door on Axiom to trap him in the penalty box as his time expires, but Axiom climbs out! Perched on the box... MOONSAULT OFF THE PENALTY BOX TAKES EVERYONE OUT!

Carmelo gets out, nearfall on Waller, arm-trap crossface...

Carmelo Hayes earns his second fall by submission with an arm-trap crossface on Grayson Waller.

Gacy attacks Grayson on his way to the box! Stomp to Axiom in passing, pulling Carmelo out, big forearm! Throwing Axiom back inside, Gacy charges in, corner lariat, Axiom rolls through into a cross armbar! Shift to a triangle choke, Joe posts up, Hayes breaks it up with a kick!

Axiom with a kick from the apron, McDonagh pulls him down into a Saito Suplex on the floor! Carmelo dives into a jawbreaker, overhead belly-to-belly, Gacy handspring blocked with headbutt and a Saito Suplex but Waller returns and attacks JD! Another Saito Suplex but everyone breaks it up!

Everybody down and out in the corners, JD with stomps, quadruple boots! Waller and Gacy take dudes out, Grayson slides out under a handspring but Joe slides out after him and Rock Bottoms him into the steel steps! Back in, full nelson mat slam sets Hayes up for the Rings of Saturn!

JD breaks the submission up, Gacy rolls him through, Rings of Saturn on him! Axiom gets his turn with the Rings, Joe wrenches it in but Carmelo and JD meet him with superkicks! McDonagh puts Hayes into the post, final sixty, Axiom with a moonsault DDT, Hayes off the top... WALLER BREAKS HIS PIN UP!

Grayson slides back in...

Grayson Waller earns his third fall by pinfall with a lateral press on Axiom!

Waller pulls McDonagh out of the ring, leading a merry chase...

Grayson Waller wins, 3-2-2-2-0, becoming #1 contender to the NXT Championship.

We get a Cora Jade video package.

Drew Gulak is interviewed backstage.

He says he hasn’t felt able to reach his full potential, but he blames himself and he has an idea how to get there. He didn’t come here to complain, he came here to grind in the ring, and if he sees someone he can help and who can help him, strength in numbers.

Damon Kemp rolls up and shakes hands, and Gulak says he knows who he is, and Kemp tells him he should keep an eye out when he schools Duke Hudson on Tuesday. Drew wishes him luck.

Commentary hypes up Lyra Valkyria’s debut this week.

Apollo Crews vs. Bron Breakker (c) (NXT Championship)

Collar and elbow, stalemate, back to the lockup, struggling, back to the stalemate! Test of strength, Crews with a monkey flip but neither man’s grip gives! Breakker with a monkey flip of his own, Apollo shifts to a side headlock, shot off, hip toss, stalemate!

Trading headlock takeovers and headscissor counters, stereo kip-ups and again they stalemate! Waistlock, standing switch, again and again until they get in the ropes and referee DA Brewer calls for the break. Whip across, hip tosses blocked and again we get stuck in the ropes!

Crews, frustrated, breaks dirty with a shove this time! Leapfrog, drop down, dropkick and Apollo’s feeling it! Standing moonsault, cover for two! To the floor, moonsault off the apron! Back inside, slingshot into a side headlock and Crews is grinding him down.

Bron to his feet, delayed vertical suplex, fired up, standing moonsault from the champ but Crews kicks out! Off the ropes, big man tope con giro! Back inside, Apollo cuts him off and the rage starts to build until he has to shut his eyes, but it will not be pacified by anything short of the NXT Championship!

Wailing on Bron with punches to the face, fireman’s carry, Death Valley Driver... NOPE! Crews back on his feet, thinking about a powerbomb, Breakker with a double leg, jackknife pin, only two! Apollo rolls through, powerbomb number one, number two, number three, lateral press... SO CLOSE!

Up top, frog splash... NOT ENOUGH! Charging in, Stinger Splash, passing Bron to the opposite corner, sidestep the charge! Crews down and out, Bron collects himself, off the ropes, spinning spinebuster! DDT countered, Apollo rolls over for a desperate pin but can’t finish the job!

Breakker floats over, big chokeslam... STILL NO! Military press into the Death Valley Driver... STILL BRON WILL NOT STAY DOWN! Forearms and chops, Breakker steels himself and asks if that’s all he’s got and we get a wild brawl on a postage stamp! Enzuigiri, pump kick, Bron lands on his feet and clobbers Apollo...

Bron Breakker wins by pinfall with a spear, retaining the NXT Championship.

Bron holds the title high and Grayson Waller attacks him out of nowhere with the Stunner!

Waller picks the title up and raises it before kneeling to jaw with Breakker!

That’s the show, folks.

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