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The Montreal Screwjob turns 25, and WWE has some merch to mark the occasion

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It’s the 25th anniversary of a night that changed the wrestling business forever. WWF (now WWE) Survivor Series 1997 took place in Montreal’s Molson (now Bell) Centre on Nov. 9, and it ended with a ref bump, a poorly applied Sharpshooter, a new champion, and a departing star spitting in the face of the company’s owner.

Yep, the Montreal Screwjob happened a quarter century ago today.

Our main man Geno Mrosko did a great write-up on the saga from a fan’s perspective when the Screwjob turned 20 five years ago. You can read that here. Wrestling Observer has a rundown of Dave Meltzer’s reporting on not only that November night in Canada, but the months preceding and following it. You can read that here.

Me? I’m just here to give you a piece of evidence of how much, and how little, the business has changed since 1997. WCW is gone, Eric Bischoff has worked for Vince McMahon on two different occasions, and McMahon, Shawn Michaels & Bret Hart have all made peace. Michaels, by almost all accounts, is a completely changed man.

But when there’s money to made, wrestlers and wrestling companies will always go to work. WWE’s been selling us the Montreal Screwjob in a number of different ways over the years, and for its silver anniversary, they’ve got some new merch for us!

Get yours here.

Never change, pro wrestling. And happy anniversary, Montreal Screwjob!

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