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Pat & Sam McAfee are gonna be parents!

It’s been a long, at times scary journey for the McAfees, but it seems their dream is coming true.

Samantha McAfee’s Twitter

Pat McAfee’s shared some in the past about the struggles he and especially his wife Samantha have gone through trying to start a family.

This morning (Nov. 9), Mrs. McAfee broke some good news about their efforts:

“For those of you who haven’t followed along with our parenthood journey, we have lost two pregnancies, I almost lost my life both times with internal bleeding, resulting in losing both of my Fallopian tubes which has caused us to not be able to conceive naturally. In July, we started our IVF journey. It’s hard to put into words what all comes with IVF. It is physically demanding and emotionally challenging for the both of us. Pumping my body with so many hormones, the anxiety, the hope, truly being a human science project. Also despite my many tattoos, I absolutely hate needles so getting shots everyday (sometimes 3 in one day) was not easy on me or for Patrick to have to cause pain to me. I would like to believe IVF has made our relationship stronger.

“Dear women and couples trying and battling, I hope this isn’t a trigger but rather serves as hope. Hope that you too can over come the battle of infertility. You will be parents! And remember that after a storm, a rainbow can occur.”

The on hiatus WWE Superstar and current ESPN College GameDay panelist & host of his own daily sports talk show replied to his wife with a statement of his own, praising his wife and thanking their support system:

“From the emergency surgeries, both of which I was told that I might lose my wife (those were wild days) all the way thru this entire IVF process.. you’ve been an absolute badass Sam.

“Your persistence and resilience has been nothing short of inspiring... it certainly hasn’t been an easy road but, nothing worth having comes easily. I can’t wait to be a parent with you. I love you.”

“We appreciate the hell out of all of the support from our friends and family thru this all. My parents, Sam’s parents, her friend group, my dudes... literally everybody in our universe has helped us thru this. We are eternally grateful.”

Congrats to Sam & Pat, and thanks for being open about the process. Like Carmella & Corey Graves’ recent experience, it helps others for whom having children isn’t a straight-forward, storybook experience to know they’re not alone — and that there can still be a happy ending after tragedy.

We can’t wait to hear more about the newest McAfee!

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