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Nikki Cross knows she missed the trash can with the 24/7 title... WANT TO MAKE SOMETHING OF IT!?!?

It looked like the 24/7 championship was written off WWE television on Raw last night (Nov. 7), at least for the time being.

That brought about a range of reactions from wrestling fans. Some continue to be amazed at how many Vince McMahon initiatives his son-in-law Triple H seems to be undoing since taking over creative for the company. Others were saddened that the man who was involved in almost all of the belt’s best moments wasn’t on hand to say goodbye (that the greatest 48/7 24/7 7/11 I-95 South European Television champ off all time is injured while the title got the axe? You know that’s a C-O-N...spiracy).

Some of us were just giggling about Nikki Cross missing the trash can when she threw the green & gold strap away after beating Dana Brooke for it.

Cross invites us to laugh it up...

... I’ll stick with laughing. Definitely not gonna argue, or interfere in Cross’ plans in any way.

I think she might be a little unstable and quite possibly dangerous.

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