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Baron Corbin welcomes Austin Theory to their special John Cena-led group

Austin Theory did at least a couple pretty dumb things on Raw last night (Nov. 7). While fans discuss whether that’s a burial or a character trait, Baron Corbin is trying to help out with a spin on one of them.

It just so happens to be spin of the dumb thing he also did back in 2017...

While John Cena is a member of the failed Money in the Bank cash-in club with Corbin and Theory, Cena at least called his shot in advance and had an actual match back in 2012. He even won said match, beating CM Punk by disqualification when Big Show attacked him. Unfortunately, the title doesn’t change hands on a DQ, so... Big Match John became the founding member of the failed cash-in club.

Corbin went the traditional cash-in route, attempting to finish off a wounded Jinder Mahal to take the WWE championship. But a distraction from Cena (who wounded Mahal in their match until Baron’s run-in triggered a DQ) allowed the Modern Day Maharaja time to recover enough to roll up the then-Lone Wolf and ruin his Money in the Bank dreams.

In addition to that trio, there are three other members of the club:

• Damian Sandow, who beat up an injured Cena, then lost to him anyway in 2013.

• Braun Strowman, who used his contract to schedule a Hell in a Cell match with Roman Reigns in 2018 that ended in a no contest when Brock Lesnar took everyone out. The Monster Among Men probably should have talked to the only member of this club to also successfully cash-in...

• The Miz, who got a do-over with the 2020 case he took from Otis after arguing that he didn’t cash in for the match he lost to Drew McIntyre at TLC... his tag partner & friend John Morrison did.

So it is a special group, but not every failed cash-in is the same. And none of them are as dumb as Theory’s, because he’s the first to use the briefcase on a championship other than the WWE, World Heavyweight, or Universal.

He may not have the United States title, but at least he has a new brotherhood.

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