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Nikki Cross threw the 24/7 championship in the trash

The 24/7 championship made its return to television on Monday Night Raw this week. It was even defended in a real match! Dana Brooke put her title on the line against the recently turned Nikki Cross. And, in true 24/7 championship fashion, we got a title change.

Cross pinned Brooke clean in the middle of the ring.

And then she nonchalantly threw the title she just won in the trash:

Was this meant to write off the title for good? We’ll have to stay tuned on that front, but it certainly felt like that was the case. After all, you don’t put something you actually care about in the trash, even if you’ve lost your shit like Nikki Cross seemingly has.

The 24/7 title has been around since 2019, and it has been taken seriously for almost none of that time. It’s frequently been used as a comedy break in any given episode of Raw.

It would appear those days are over.

Anyway, here are all the videos from Raw this week:

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