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Natalya has surgery to move her nose back to the center of her face

On SmackDown this past Friday (Nov. 4), Shayna Baszler submitted Natalya in their match, then kneed her in the nose afterwards to make sure we remember she’s a badass heel.

Blood was drawn, and Nattie played it up on social media like her nose was legitimately broken, both immediately after the match aired on FOX...

... and when announcing she’d had surgery that, in her words, “moved my dislocated nose back to the center of my face where it belongs!!”

But while we saw what happened three days ago, it actually happened the Friday before (Oct. 28) when the episode was taped. The lack of any news about an injury requiring surgery in the interim is curious, and sure enough, Post Wrestling reports they were “told by multiple people with knowledge of the situation that the strike to the face on SmackDown was a cover reason as Natalya was due to have nasal surgery.”

Considering she’s talking about being able to breathe again while stressing she didn’t change the way her nose looks, it sounds a lot like sinus surgery — but that’s just supposition on my part.

The important thing is Natalya is on the mend and happy with the results. See you back on SmackDown soon, B.O.A.T.!

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