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WWE Raw results, live blog (Nov. 7, 2022): Survivor Series build

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WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Nov. 7, 2022) from the Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, featuring all the fallout from the Crown Jewel event that went down just this past Saturday in Saudi Arabia.

Advertised for tonight: WWE has yet to officially advertised anything beyond the fact that we’ll get a lot of fallout from Crown Jewel and the start of the build to Survivor Series, which is just three weeks away. Locally, Matt Riddle vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Seth Rollins in a triple threat match has been advertised. Plus, a whole lot more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog will kick off once the show starts on USA Network. It will be below this line here. Reminder: GIFs and pics allowed, but no links to illegal streams, please.


Baby, baby, brush the dust of youth from off your shoulder, because the years of fretting days is right behind you now. Don’t return to fields of green where rainbow secrets were told, place your ragged doll with all the toys and things and deeds. I will show you a game where the winner never wins. Let your hair hang down, wear the dress your mother wore, and I’ll liveblog this here pro wrestling for you, folks.

The show opens with the intro video.

Solo Sikoa and the Usos make their entrance and get on the mic.

They talk up the Bloodline’s success at Crown Jewel and stake their claim to be the best tag team in WWE history. New Day do rock, but after Friday, you’re looking at the longest-reigning tag team champions in WWE history!

Enter the New Day.

The congratulate the Usos on their defense and ask how they’re feeling, to which they say private jetlagged and claim New Day don’t know what that’d be like. Xavier Woods says on Friday they’ll defend their record title reign against the Usos, and at the end of that match, they’ll be champions and their 483-day record will be safe.

The Usos give them their props as multiple-time tag champs with lit merchandise, and they’re proud of them. It must feel real good to be the second best tag team in WWE! Woods talks about “second best” and says as long as they hold the record, the Usos are chasing them.

Xavier accuses them of building their legacy on the backs of their family while the New Day built a legacy on their own backs. Jimmy says that just turned up the pressure on them, they’ve never been in the ring with their dad or their uncles, but they’ve been in the ring with the Ones.

New Day say pressure is sitting in catering every week, not knowing if you’re gonna get fired, it’s building a YouTube channel just to get noticed at work, it’s putting together the most important three-man group in wrestling and getting booed for it, don’t dare talk to them about pressure.

And that pressure is what turned them into diamonds. Jimmy asks about the diamonds that used to be in the crown that Jey stomped into the ground, but the real kings got the crown now, on their shoulders and around their wastes, and the Usos gave Kofi the chance for Kofimania in the first place.

Matter of fact, stay at home with your kids on Friday and let them do what they do. Kofi asks what kind of father he’d be if he went home and told his kids he forfeited a match. To them this is just another checkmark on their achievements list, this represents them overcoming being saddled with a preacher gimmick.

It represents them clawing and scratching to get some semblance of success in this industry only to be told that they suck. It represents what may very well be the last time New Day was whole, so they won’t forfeit this record, nah, they’ll defend the record—

Enter Matt Riddle.

He apologizes for interrupting and seems to be scouting Woods for his band with Elias and the Usos tell him to shut up. He talks about how he likes to relax and hit the bong, and asks if Xavier wants to hit the bong, which he does. Kofi also taps the bongos and Riddle asks Solo Sikoa, who, stoic as ever, refuses.

Jimmy punctuates “shave and a haircut” and then starts banging out a rhythm of his own, but Matt tells him not to hog it, tap tap pass. Riddle turns to Jey and says he’s heard he hasn’t been so Ucey lately, to which Uso slaps the bongos aside.

Riddle gets mad and makes a six-man tag, which will begin after the break.

Matt Riddle & New Day (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) vs. the Bloodline (Jey Uso, Jimmy Uso, & Solo Sikoa)

Jimmy and Matt to start, Riddle kicks his leg out from under him and follows it with a Karelin lift and a tag to Woods. Cycling through, Kingston with a nearfall on Jey, quick tags on the babyface side, Riddle blasts Uso to the floor but Sikoa takes him out with a hard right hand and sends us to break!

Back from commercial, Riddle in a bad way as Jimmy Uso works him over, Ode to Rikishi connects... NOPE! Quick tags, Matt gets away and the New Day come in hot working Solo over! Couple splashes, cover... SIKOA OUT AT ONE! Off the ropes, Penalty Kick, Kofi running hot, Boom Drop!

Solo takes him to the floor in the aftermath and smashes his face into the announce desk over and over and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Kofi in a bad way opposite Solo, protracted struggle over a sunset flip turns into a leg drop from Sikoa! Cover for two, quick tags, working him over, a couple boots and a tornado DDT get Kingston back into play! Tag to Riddle, Pele kick, ripcord knee, charging forearms! Exploder suplexes, sentons, Penalty Kick!

Following it up with a powerbomb, roll-through into the knee strike, cover... NOPE! Up top, nobody home on the moonsault, Jey lands a superkick and a back suplex neckbreaker... SO CLOSE! Off the top with a splash, Jimmy with the blind tag, Riddle counters with a triangle but Uso off the top... WOODS BREAKS IT UP!

Rolling elbow from Xavier, pulling Solo to the floor, he throws Woods over the table and takes Kofi out to smash him into the steps! Riddle takes Sikoa out with the corkscrew moonsault! Jimmy with a suicide dive! Back inside, Solo with the blind tag as Riddle goes to that special place!

RKO on Uso but Sikoa’s right behind him...

The Bloodline win by pinfall with Spinning Solo from Solo Sikoa on Matt Riddle.

We get a recap of Crown Jewel.

John “Bradshaw” Layfield makes his entrance and we go to break.

Back from commercial, JBL gets on the mic and talks about how he’s sold out every great arena in the world, and this isn’t one of them.

He gives Baron Corbin a big introduction and we get right to it.

Baron Corbin vs. Cedric Alexander

JBL is on commentary for this, of course.

Corbin rams Alexander into the corner, hammering him with right hands, putting boots to him, up and over, out and back in, Baron with the big lariat... NOPE! Cedric gets the Neuralyzer, Corbin crashes to the floor and a suicide dive follows! Alexander beating him down on the ramp, back inside, springboard caught...

Baron Corbin wins by pinfall with End of Days.

We see Seth Rollins dancing along merrily backstage and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Seth Rollins makes his entrance to issue his open challenge for the United States Championship.

He gets on the mic and welcomes us to Monday Night Rollins.

Enter the Judgment Day.

Finn Balor gets in the ring and on the mic. He says he has a bone to pick with Rollins, a couple years back he cost him gold, so tonight he’s gonna cost him gold. So as far as the open challenge goes...

Enter the OC.

They get in Judgment Day’s faces, Seth awkwardly sandwiched between. Rollins quietly ducks out of town and heads to the back.

AJ Styles says this between Judgment Day and the OC is far from over, but Balor says it’s old news to him. AJ says that’s the problem, is it’s always been the three of them against the four of them, and they’ve tried to find someone to take care of their Rhea Ripley problem.

But that someone has found the OC— IT’S MIA YIM?!

SHE’S GOT A KENDO STICK AND SHE’S BEATING RHEA RIPLEY UP! LUKE GALLOWS SPEARS DAMIAN PRIEST OVER THE ANNOUNCE TABLE! Balor and Styles end up in the ring together and staring each other down, Dominik Mysterio ends up diving right into a Styles Clash!

We see Alpha Academy working out backstage and go to break.

Back from commercial, Seth Rollins runs into an interview.

He says that was none of his business and things got tense, but he’s still game to have an open challenge later tonight.

Elias vs. Otis Dozovic

Dozer shoves him back into the corner, Elias with a side headlock, shot off, shoulder block, looking for a slam but Otis just shrugs him off and hits him with a hamhock right hand! Whip across, duck an elbow, duck a lariat, this time the Drifter gets him up but Dozovic counters with a gravity crossbody!

Elias ducks him into the post, jumping knee connects, another one knocks him down... NOPE! Off the top with another knee to Gable but Dozer catches him...

Otis Dozovic wins by pinfall with a World’s Strongest Slam.

Judgment Day are interviewed backstage.

They say the OC have solved nothing, and the result will always be the same— they’ll fall to the Judgment Day. Dominik says Mia Yim doesn’t stand a chance, and Rhea says you can bring the whole damn army in and she won’t care.

As they leave, she runs into Bianca Belair and gives her a pointed greeting to send us to break.

Back from commercial we get dueling promos from Bianca Belair and her girls and Damage CTRL, where they go back and forth about victories and defeats and such, Asuka screams at IYO in Japanese, SKY calls her a bitch, and a brawl breaks out!

Bianca gets on the mic and says this ends at WarGames, which brings Nikki Cross down to help Damage CTRL get the advantage! Roseplant! Challenge accepted!

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get a recap of Austin Theory rejecting Shelton Benjamin’s advice, an encounter that lead to this match happening.

Austin Theory vs. Shelton Benjamin

Theory brushing past him, jawing, Benjamin with a double leg, duck the lariat, waistlock takedown, Austin gets the ropes and throws a back elbow! Big right hand from Shelton, whip across, sidestep the charge, dropkick connects! Theory with mounted punches, Benjamin reverses to a folding press for two, ankle lock on the kickout!

Austin kicks his way out, fireman’s carry, Shelton slips out, German suplex... NOPE! Rake of the eyes sets him up...

Austin Theory wins by pinfall with A-Town Down.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, the Miz makes his entrance and gets on the mic.

He wants to speak to us with honesty before his match against Johnny Gargano tonight, and he says Johnny’s interview is completely false, a blatant smearjob, and he just can’t believe that he has to defend himself to the media, his friends, and even his own father.

The only silver lining is that his agent’s phone won’t stop ringing and a notable Hollywood person wants to tell his story with real Oscar buzz. In the meantime, he’s spoken to his lawyers about moving forward with a defamation suit and his PR team is working on a formal response—

Enter Johnny Gargano.

He says he’s always like Miz’s dad, a very smart man, and he can’t in good conscious start this match without telling the truth about something he did. He has to blow the whistle on himself, because when he did that interview he was hoping to shame the Miz into telling the truth and paying Dexter Lumis, but that didn’t happen.

So he realized he needed stronger evidence, and he hired someone to get it.

And that someone is the “producer” Miz was talking with, who was actually a private investigator wearing a hidden camera, and he has the footage here tonight. He whips out a universal remote that works on the tron and cues the video up.

We see Miz being flattered and asking to speak off the record. He admits that Gargano’s story is true and lays out his case for not wanting to pay Dexter Lumis, claiming essentially that Lumis got paid in exposure.

And so we go to break.

Johnny Gargano vs. the Miz

Gargano ducking Miz’s strikes early, he lands a firm right hand, off the ropes, leapfrog, drop down, heel kick sends the A-Lister to the floor! Johnny pressing the attack with chops, back inside, snapmare, cover for two! Arm wringer, into the corner, Miz cracks him in the face and finally gets an advantage!

Running kick to the ribs, choking him in the ropes, clawing at his face, off the ropes, running knee to the back of the head! Gargano with left hands, whip reversed, the A-Lister takes him out with a knee, follows it with a Penalty Kick... NOPE! Reverse chinlock applied, Awesome Clothesline follows it up!

Headed up top, Miz dives right into a Manhattan Drop! Tijeras, roll-through enzuigiri, jumping neckbreaker... STILL NO! Off the ropes, schoolboy for two, Gargano Escape reversed, figure four leglock reversed, to the apron, superkick sends the A-Lister’s gum flying!

On the floor, crotching Johnny on the barricade, Miz lays him out with a kick of his own to send us to break!

Back from commercial, Gargano sidesteps the corner knees, lungblower follows it up, whip across for a crossbody! Cross chops, corner knees, Johnny goes to the second for a tornado reverse STO... NOPE! To the apron, Miz cuts him off with a right hand... SUPERMAN SPEAR CAN’T QUITE DO IT!

Roll-through kick reversed into the basement DDT for a deep two! Trading kicks, Gargano with rights and lefts, backing the A-Lister into the ropes, passed to the apron, Miz counters the Superman Spear with a Busaiku Knee... STILL NO! Johnny with a nearfall off a kick, Miz goes under the ring and comes out with a turnbuckle, scared of something.

He demands the referee check under the ring and clocks Johnny with the turnbuckle! Back inside...

The Miz wins by pinfall with a lateral press.

Post-match, Dexter Lumis comes down and hits the Miz with a chair! He takes a seat briefly until security comes running after him and he makes his escape through the crowd.

Backstage, Nikki Cross is pacing with Damage CTRL while Dakota Kai talks up how similar they are. IYO SKY tells her to destroy Dana Brooke, and Bayley tells her to let it all out, tonight.

And so we go to break.

Dana Brooke (c) vs. Nikki Cross (WWE 24/7 Championship)

Bayley is on commentary.

Cross a flurry of violence early, Japanese stranglehold applied to grind her down, Brooke fights out and throws wild strikes in the corner! Nikki smashing her into the mat over and over...

Nikki Cross wins the WWE 24/7 Championship by pinfall with a fisherman neckbreaker.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, Damage CTRL are walking backstage and Nikki Cross just throws the 24/7 Championship in the garbage.

The OC are interviewed about Mia Yim, and they put her over as an equalizer and they’re gonna go out and celebrate, and the bill’s on her.

Seth Rollins makes his entrance and gets on the mic.

He’s here to have a redo on the open challenge, because he made a promise and he intends to keep it. This month marks ten years of Seth Rollins in WWE (oh my god I have been watching this shit for far too long), and what a ride it has been! We’ve been with him through all the highs and lows and ups and downs and wins and losses and all the titles.

In just a few short weeks he’s made the United States Championship THE title on Raw, and it’s time to get down to business and see who wants to take a shot!

Mustafa Ali appears on the tron.

He says Seth doesn’t have to look any further, because he’s gonna be— he gets yanked aside and beaten up!

Bobby Lashley appears and says Ali won’t be accepting the challenge, and there’s two reasons he isn’t United States Champion anymore. He took care of Brock Lesnar at Crown Jewel, and now he’s gonna make Seth pay. Mustafa runs back in and they fight a little more and Bob knocks him into the background and accepts the challenge!

But first we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get entrances and Lashley beating Rollins down on the floor before the bell, throwing him into the barricade, charging in for a spear but Seth counters with a superkick! Throwing Bob into the steel, Rollins wants a Pedigree but Lashley counters with a back body drop and mounted punches!

Security and referees swarm, Bob keeps beating Seth down and rams him into the post before slamming him through the announce desk!

Austin Theory comes down with the Money in the Bank briefcase and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Rollins is about recovered and Austin Theory cashes in!

Austin Theory vs. Seth Rollins (c) (WWE United States Championship)

Theory with a hard elbow, cover... NOPE! Crossleg brainbuster over the knee... STILL NO! Fireman’s carry, Rollins slips out, underhooks, Austin slips out and hits a Pedigree of his own... SETH ROLLINS WILL NOT STAY DOWN! Fireman’s carry a second time, Seth slips out, Theory into the post!

Off the ropes, back body drop sends the challenger to the floor! Rolling thunder... COUNTER POWERBOMB! Basement superkick, elbow, Death Blow, Seth is running hot! Pulling himself up, charging in, Austin catches him with A-Town Down... BOBBY LASHLEY PULLS REFEREE CHAD PATTON OUT OF THE RING!

Lashley beats Theory down on the floor, putting him head-first into the post and throwing him into the barricade! Into the post a second time and he chokes Austin out with the Hurt Lock! Bob leaves, the referee wakes up and starts his count! Theory beats the count, Seth is right there... BLACKOUT! IT’S OVER!

Seth Rollins wins by pinfall with Blackout to retain the WWE United States Championship.

That’s the show, folks.

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