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WWE Crown Jewel 2022 results: Roman Reigns retains, but Logan Paul is a star

WWE sold the main event of today’s (Sat., Nov. 5, 2022) Crown Jewel event at Mrsool Park in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on the idea of Logan Paul, who is barely a pro wrestler, maybe landing one lucky punch to knock Roman Reigns out. That’s the same Reigns who has been champion for two years, who is the top star in the industry, who is, well, Him.

They sold it that way because there was no other choice but to sell it that way. Presenting Paul as a legitimate threat was always going to be a challenge, even while trying to prop up the fact that he went the distance with Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match, exhibition or otherwise.

The commentary team tried to put over that Paul had a chance because Reigns wasn’t taking him seriously and therefore wasn’t ready for the big fight, as per “sources” close to him, according to former reporter Michael Cole.

They did what they could.

And then the match started and Paul was doing a collar and elbow tie up and a fireman’s carry suplex. He wasn’t even throwing punches! Instead, we got Cole going absolutely insane over stuff like this:

Look at how good that is! It might be even better than Han... you know what, I won’t say it.

That’s what the real story turned out to be here — not that Paul could maybe land one lucky punch but that it was basically a ploy and he was far more prepared than just having to rely on that. As Wade Barrett put it, he came to this match with a far deeper bag of tricks than anyone expected.

And then he landed the big punch, and a Superman punch on top of it, and it looked like it might actually be over. Reigns kicked out, of course, but that was one hell of a near fall.

Then he filmed himself hitting a frog splash on Roman through the announcer’s desk, but not before screaming “you’re going viral, baby!” It was incredible!

Naturally, The Bloodline showed up to deal with Logan’s entourage, who were ringside, and that’s when Jake Paul got a big entrance to square up with The Usos. He knocked ‘em both out!

Paul hit another Frog Splash ... but that only got two as well.

Holy shit, the near falls in this match.

For Logan Paul.

Unreal work all around.

Solo Sikoa was next out, here to deal with the Jake problem Roman suddenly had. His being there allowed Reigns to hit the Superman punch, and then the Spear, and that was all she wrote.

Paul went down, but he looked like an absolute star all the way here. This was a big win for everyone.

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