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WWE Crown Jewel 2022 results: Bianca Belair is still your Raw women’s champion

Bayley has pinned Bianca Belair on multiple occasions, each of those occasions in matches where the Raw women’s championship was not on the line.

Each time they wrestled on the title was up for grabs, Belair came out ahead.

That rang true once again at today’s (Sat., Nov. 5, 2022) WWE Crown Jewel event at Mrsool Park in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, this time in a Last Woman Standing match.

They made this one a battle not unlike the Ladder match, the two fighting all up and down the entrance aisle while breaking out the kendo sticks. Bayley simply could not keep Bianca down for a 10 count.

She got desperate enough to bring out a golf cart and threaten to run the champ down in it. Instead, Belair put her on top of it and beat her down, then drove her to the ring and threw her off the top into a table that she then also powerbombed her through.

Chairs and ladders also came into play but, surprisingly, the rest of Damage CTRL did not. Why Dakota Kai & IYO SKY weren’t around to help Bayley win the title on the same night they got the tag titles back is a question to be answered later, I suppose.

Belair used a ladder to trap Bayley in the corner on the rope, unable to reach her feet before the count of 10.

The EST has done it again.

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