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WWE Crown Jewel 2022 results: Brock Lesnar gets his win over Bobby Lashley

WWE kicked off its Crown Jewel event today (Sat., Nov. 5, 2022) from Mrsool Park in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, with the second ever singles match between Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley, and the first without any outside distractions. The first saw the latter win the WWE championship at Royal Rumble earlier this year, though there was a lot of interference in that match. Lesnar won it back at Elimination Chamber a few weeks later but that match involved multiple other wrestlers and Lashley was taken out of the match via an injury angle.

Much has happened in the meantime, but there was always a singles rematch looming large. When Lesnar returned weeks back to cost Lashley the United States championship, that’s all it took to set this up.

The match was interesting in that Lashley was given quite a bit of offense, to the degree that Wade Barrett was left saying “Brock Lesnar got his ass kicked” and he “got very lucky.” That luck?

Lashley had him in the Hurt Lock and Lesnar used the ropes to spring both of them backward. Bobby wouldn’t break the hold but because Lesnar was on top and he was down on the mat, the referee counted.

And Lesnar was awarded the victory.

It was a win, but it was a survival more than anything. Even after, Lashley choked him out and left him laid out in the ring.

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