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Becky Lynch killed it as Cyndi Lauper on Young Rock

NBC Entertainment’s Twitter

When word hit earlier this week that Becky Lynch would be playing Cyndi Lauper in a Rock ‘n’ Wrestling era flashback on Young Rock, there were equal amounts of excitement for The Man, and questions about how a 5’ 6” Irishwoman would play a Brooklynite who’s several inches shorter.

Everyone will have to draw their own conclusions. But after her appearance on the season three premiere of Dwayne Johnson’s sitcom last night (Nov. 4) on NBC, I have no further questions. I’m just excited for The Man, because she killed it.

Don’t trust the obviously biased NBC social media person? Or me and other long-time Becky superfans?

How about this guy...

Okay, The Rock is obviously going to rep all things Young Rock. Maybe this guy will sway you?

Right, a former WWE writer and one of Rocky’s partners in Seven Bucks Productions doesn’t count either. But come on! If you watch those clips time after time and still don’t think Lynch did well, I question whether your true colors are shining through.

Oh, and put Cyndi Lauper in the Hall of Fame.

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