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751 pounds of meaty men to slap meat at WWE Crown Jewel

WWE’s Crown Jewel press conference earlier today (Nov. 4) was a mix of hype for Saturday’s premium live event and literal government propaganda. The former doesn’t really make up for the latter, but it did give us this...

WWE’s YouTube

If you’re like us and some part of you yearns for hoss-on-hoss action* — or as our guy Big E famously called it, “big meaty men slappin’ meat” — then you’ve had Omos vs. Braun Strowman circled on Nov. 5’s card since the match was announced. Their appearance at the presser definitely whetted my appetite for beef.

In addition to that amazing GIF, the two men stepped on the scales. The new, leaner KindEyes McChesticles weighed in at 335 pounds, while Omos clocked in at a HOLY FUDGING SHEET 416 lbs.

Ahhhh yeah!

* Whether you admit it or not, some part of you wants it. Let’s face it, you’re on a pro wrestling blog. You know you want the meats.

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