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Dom’s reason for attacking Rey on Thanksgiving will change the way you look at the Mysterios feud

It looked like a heinous assault, a crime perpetrated by a jealous child against a caring father at their home on a holiday. It got Michael Cole spitting mad, and the WWE Universe is so outraged we’ve watched the video almost 300K times.

But after you hear what Dominik Mysterio said on The Bump today (Nov. 30) about why he & his Mami (aka Judgement Day teammate Rhea Ripley) went to Rey Mysterio’s house on Thanksgiving and beat down the future WWE Hall of Famer, I guarantee you’ll see the situation in a whole new light:

“Because he had his Christmas tree up before November was over.”

Sure, Dom goes on to say a bunch of heelish stuff about living in his old man’s shadow and making sure he can’t live the rest of his life in peace...

... but COME ON! Who among us hasn’t walked into a store sometime after Halloween, heard a holiday song playing or noticed the red & green candy was already on the shelves and felt like cracking a broom over a luchador’s walking boot?

Who are we to blame Dom-Dom for acting on those impulses?


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