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More details emerge on Roman Reigns’ beef with Kevin Owens

It was reported yesterday by Fightful Select that Roman Reigns was “visibly upset” with Kevin Owens as a result of an unplanned spot in the men’s War Games match at Survivor Series that led to an injury.

On the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said the spot that Reigns got hot about was a slap:

“During the match there was a slap that Kevin Owens gave Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns had a bruise under his left eye, and he may have ruptured an eardrum. There was definitely an eardrum injury. It was thought that it was a ruptured eardrum, but I did not get that confirmed.”

“Roman Reigns after was very very upset, and was very vehement about it. And was yelling about it.”

“’s more than just the fact that a slap got out of control and hit Roman Reigns and may have busted his eardrum...I think Roman Reigns felt that it was something that should not have happened in the match. Not that he was double-crossed, but it just was something that should not have happened.”

Despite Reigns’ unhappiness with what went down, there aren’t expected to be any creative changes in WWE related to this situation.

“Everything that has been planned for Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn is going on exactly as planned. It’s not like, ‘I’m not gonna work with him,’ or management’s gonna bury him. None of that’s happening.”

“There’s no suspensions...As of right now, it doesn’t look like there’s gonna be any changes in any storyline or any punishment or anything like that. But Roman Reigns was upset. That absolutely happened.”

It sounds like the situation is under control and Reigns and Owens should be able to continue working together going forward. At the very least, the booking of last night’s (Nov. 28) Raw indicates that KO’s push is not in jeopardy, as he overcame several high impact moves and found a way to defeat Jey Uso in the main event.

What are your thoughts on Roman’s beef with KO, Cagesiders?

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