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Alexa Bliss is going back to Bray Wyatt, isn’t she?

When Bray Wyatt returned to WWE, Alexa Bliss seemed to change just slightly. She made note of his presence in small ways, and then they seemed to only ever kind of hint at it from time to time with a flicker of a video camera just behind her.

She took notice a time or two, but it never went anywhere.

Now, we’re getting stuff like this and it starting to feel a whole hell of a lot more like it’s actually going somewhere:

This was during Monday Night Raw this week in Norfolk, where Bianca Belair was talking about moving forward now after finally dispatching Damage CTRL in the War Games match at Survivor Series. What’s next? It’s hard to say. We didn’t get much hint in that regard.

Unless we did.

There’s already been speculation that this is going to lead to Bliss going dark again, and it would only seem natural for that to include turning on Belair and going after the Raw women’s championship. Hey, they need something to get to Royal Rumble, right?

Why not?

Anyway, here are all the videos from Raw this week:

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