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May this Dexter Lumis/The Miz story finally be done

The story of Dexter Lumis stalking The Miz, generally being a huge creep and getting arrested for it and kicked out of various shows but somehow always being let back in, was bad. WWE turned it around a bit by giving it some depth. As it turned out, The Miz was paying Lumis to do all this while Dexter was vulnerable — he was unemployed at the time — and it only went wrong when Miz, who was trying to create some Hollywood style buzz around himself, didn’t want to pony up the dough anymore.

It all led to this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw in Norfolk and an ANYTHING GOES match where Lumis, if he were to emerge victorious, would be given a contract with WWE to join the red brand moving forward.

You may be wondering why he would have entrance music and be allowed backstage and so on and so forth while he didn’t officially work for the company. You wouldn’t be the only one.

In the end, because it was the only outcome they could realistically go with, Lumis won the match and Adam Pearce was right there to do what he does:

Lumis got his big bag of cash, gave some of it away to fans at the show, and we can all hope to move on from this.

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