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NXT star Zoey Stark is reportedly scheduled for Raw tonight

Tonight’s (Nov. 28) episode of Raw kicks off a (roughly) two month gap between pay-per-view events for WWE. This is Triple H’s first time navigating this challenging period of the WWE calendar as the head of creative.

It’s not the most promising sign that WWE has almost nothing specific advertised for tonight’s episode with only a few hours to go until show time. However, a new report from PW Insider indicates that a surprise appearance or call-up from NXT might be on the way:

“Zoey Stark is slated to be at tonight’s Raw, has confirmed.”

Stark was most recently seen in NXT earlier this month when she turned heel and betrayed her tag team partner Nikkita Lyons by smashing her in the head with a championship belt.

Now we are left to mull over what Zoey might be doing on tonight’s Raw. Joining Damage CTRL? Going after Bianca Belair? Kicking Mustafa Ali’s ass?

The wording of Insider’s report can also be interpreted as she’ll be backstage at Raw but not necessarily appear on TV, so that’s worth keeping in mind as well.

What do you think is in store for Zoey Stark, if anything, on tonight’s show, Cagesiders?

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