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WWE didn’t want you to hear the loud Sasha Banks chants at Survivor Series

Sasha Banks and Naomi walked out of WWE just before the May 16 episode of Raw. Here we are six months later and they remain off television, even after WWE underwent regime change that saw Triple H and Stephanie McMahon assume power in place of Vince McMahon.

It sounded like Sasha and Naomi could be on the way back to WWE shortly after the regime change took place this summer, but it still hasn’t happened.

WWE’s Survivor Series 2022 event just took place this past weekend in Boston, which happens to be the city where Banks is billed from. Not surprisingly, there were some loud chants for her during the show.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer briefly discussed WWE’s decision to lower the audio during those chants:

Alvarez: “There was a loud Sasha Banks chant during the Ronda Rousey match, and they turned the volume down. They did not that want that one on television, so, make of that what you will.”

Meltzer: “Well, they’re in contract talks. The last I heard, it was a money situation, and that was a long time ago. So I don’t know where it stands right now.”

WWE’s new regime has shown a willingness to bring back some highly paid stars like Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt, who Vince McMahon released in 2021. Banks is still under contract with WWE, but it sounds like a disagreement over money could be the main thing that’s keeping her on the sidelines right now.

What do you think of WWE’s reaction to the Sasha Banks chants in Boston, Cagesiders?

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