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WWE Survivor Series 2022 results: Sami Zayn remains loyal to The Bloodline

The main event of tonight’s (Sat., Nov. 26, 2022) Survivor Series pay-per-view (PPV) from the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts centered almost entirely around Sami Zayn and whether or not The Bloodline could trust him against Kevin Owens and the rest of the Brawling Buddies team in their War Games match. Roman Reigns outright asked Sami if he could be trusted and he was assured he could be.

They really played it up as they were coming into the match:

Reigns made sure Zayn got into the match early, too, demanding he enter second and forcing him to find a way to successfully team with Jey. They argued and bickered through their lack of trust, of course.

They managed to get through it and have a normal War Games match — at least as normal as it can be — until Reigns made his way in last and the match got started proper. What would happen? How would this all play out? It seemed prime for something of significance to go down.

Late in the match, Jey went for a superkick on BUTCH, who moved out of the way and Zayn ended up being on the receiving end of it. Because of course. Even still, Sami was there to stop the referee from counting to three when Owens was pinning Reigns after a Stunner. A brief confrontation ensued and Zayn ended up hitting Owens with a low blow — but he seemed conflicted. Second thoughts, perhaps?


Reigns gave the order, and Zayn followed it — one Helluva kick later, and Sami was pointing at his longtime friend laying on the mat as he looked at Jey and invited him to finish the job. And so Jey did, with a Frog Splash. The three count was academic.

The Bloodline wins.

Sami Zayn remained loyal to them.

Reigns embraced him after the match.

And so did Jey Uso, with all the enthusiasm of a brother greeting one of his own.

What an ending.

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