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White Rabbit-style easter eggs are back as Bray Wyatt teases The Fiend

The slow rollout of Bray Wyatt’s war with himself — which is still largely self-contained within the SmackDown Universe, but does now include a very entertaining turn by LA Knight — continued on the Nov. 25 edition of the blue brand.

While denying he was responsible for last week’s attack on Knight, Wyatt again professed his desire to be a new man. He did acknowledge that a lot of people just want to see the return of his alter-ego, though.

Bray was cut-off by Uncle Howdy again. The masked figure used a lot of words to call Wyatt a liar.

Howdy lifted his mask during his message, but we weren’t able to see what was underneath it. We were able to see a phone number flash on the screen during an interview with a wounded Knight later in the show, marking the return of the kind of clues we were getting from the “White Rabbit Project” before Bray’s return at Extreme Rules.

Calling that gets you a recording from Wyatt’s psychiatrist, making more explicit some of the themes from a written evaluation that was shared back during the height of the White Rabbit craze. His message is cut off by an intruder, however. I’m guessing a Fiend-ish one who stopped by to say “Howdy”

“Patient suffers from delusions of grandeur, perhaps the most extreme incidence I’ve encountered. Concerns that no regime or treatment will be able to counteract the imbalance of pattern in the patient’s psyche.

“Prone to disorganized thought patterns that communicate a sense of unmatched importance. Bouts of isolation has seems to have amplified their inner monologue and honestly blocked out any outside voice.

“In short, the patient would need to think as highly of a medical practitioner as they do themselves and honestly that seems to border on the impossible. I’ve become concerned that this patient has become such a danger to themselves and anyone that they encounter that… Hello? Hello? Is someone there? Hello? I…”

LA Knight was found laid out in the back again. Yeah.

Still not a story for everyone, and one who’s pace is probably even turning off some of the fans who were onboard at the start. Perhaps this dose of lore was designed to keep those of us who were digging the White Rabbit chase back. And we do seem to be getting closer to an actual match for Wyatt and Knight.

Thoughts, fireflies?

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