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Sarah Logan is now Valhalla


“She used to be known as Sarah Logan. She is now known as Valhalla.”

That’s what Michael Cole informed us all during this week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown from Providence, just before The Viking Raiders made their way to the ring to put their Nordic boots to Hit Row. They picked up the win, rather easily, and are well on their way to reestablishing themselves as one of the top teams in the division on the blue brand.

In Norse mythology, Valhalla refers to “a majestic hall located in Asgard and presided over by the god Odin,” according to Wikipedia. Me, I mostly associate it with the place the War Boys thought they would go after dying in service of Immortan Joe.

They live, they die, they live again. Riding eternal, shiny and chrome.

Anyway, it’s a cool word for a place that also works as a cool name for the artist formerly known as Sarah Logan, who gets a fresh new character out of it in her latest return to WWE.

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