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SmackDown World Cup final official: Santos Escobar vs. Ricochet


WWE held the semifinals of the SmackDown World Cup during this week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown in Providence, with two matches setting up a somewhat surprising final.

Up first, Santos Escobar scored a victory over BUTCH thanks to The Brawling Brutes being distracted by The Bloodline and a backstage brawl ahead of Survivor Series: War Games. This felt much less like setting Escobar up for a big final match than it did simply getting BUTCH out of the tournament to focus on bigger things, but thems the breaks, you know?

Later, we got an answer to what side WWE would come down on in the “size is the prize” vs. “flippy flippers” debate when Braun Strowman took on Ricochet. And wouldn’t you know it, the flippy flipper flipped the big man over and pinned him to score the victory. Naturally, they gave some credit to Imperium.

But Ricochet pinned Strowman.

And so it’s set: Escobar vs. Ricochet in the SmackDown World Cup final next week, winner gets an Intercontinental championship match against GUNTHER sometime down the road.

Who takes it?

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