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Sami Zayn uses The Rock to help explain the popularity of his angle with The Bloodline

If six months anyone told you Sami Zayn’s work with Roman Reigns & The Usos would take The Tribal Chief’s already hot act to to nuclear levels, you wouldn’t have believed them. But now that audiences everywhere are chanting “Ucey” and Zayn is getting cheers even in countries where he’s unable to appear, we all acknowledge The Honorary Uce of The Bloodline.

Zayn talked to Corey Graves on the new After The Bell about why he thinks it’s taken off the way it has:

“You’re right, the concept is a bit strange. The Bloodline is a family, and here’s this person clearly not family [laughs], and the whole thing just doesn’t make sense. But it’s the execution, and the performer, and the time, and the place, and all these variables that make it magical and make it special.”

Sami used a Bloodline-related example for another time a similar set of factors led to something odd becoming a big hit:

“There are so many things that I think you could say the same about. The easiest one that we often fall back to, just as an example: the People’s Elbow. If you wrote down ‘Rock comes up with a new move called the People’s Elbow, where he stands over the guy and does this,’ it doesn’t read like something that’s going to become iconic.”

It is just a goofy spot (which according to Triple H, Dwayne Johnson invented to try and make Undertaker laugh during multi-man matches on house shows... and given how often Sami makes his teammates break, that makes a lot of sense), but people still pop for most electrifying move in sports and entertainment to this day. Zayn says he knew his work with The Bloodline would be a hit, but it doesn’t sound like he knew it could be “People’s Elbow” big:

“I knew there was a lot of room for some very fun and very exciting things to happen. So I’m not entirely surprised. But it has still exceeded my expectations.”

Ours too, Sam. But we’ve never been happier to be somewhat surprised by something. And maybe we’ll find out how Ucey The People’s Elbow is if/when Zayn and The Rock cross paths on the road to WrestleMania 39...

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