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A special young man and his mom are thankful for Becky Lynch

Max is a big WWE fan. He also lives with a nervous system disorder. Given that, you’d think that when the Make-A-Wish folks came a-calling, Max would want to go to a wrestling show or get a visit from John Cena. Instead, he asked to send a message to the world.

He’s still been a guest of honor at a few recent WWE events, like Hell in a Cell back in June. Max and his family made some friends there, too. His sister Malena had a training session at Seth Rollins’ Black & Brave Academy. And when Malena wrote a book about her brother and his desire to make sure no one feels left out, it got a plug from a Big Time Superstar:

Max & his family made an impression on Becky Lynch. She wanted to do something for Max, his mother, and the healthcare professionals who take care of this special little dude. The Man didn’t want credit, but Max’s mom couldn’t help but express her gratitude for Lynch’s Thanksgiving gift:

Thanksgiving for Max, me and his floor team (who rushes to his aid and listens to his needs).

This meal brought laughs and comfort - and it was from (and I know she wants no credit, but I must, as she lifted our spirits) the incredibly kind @beckylynchwwe who lights up wrestling shows and a child’s hospital room.

Jeez, must have been some onions in the stuffing... Seriously though, this is great stuff. Let’s be grateful there are folks like Max, Malena & Becky in the world.

Note: Max’s mother has made her Instagram public but not shareable, and out of respect for that we haven’t included any screenshots of her posts here. You can find them at the links above, however.

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