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Ric Flair says he’s returning to WWE for Raw’s 30th anniversary and Royal Rumble 2023

According to Ric Flair, he’s coming back to WWE for at least a couple major shows in January 2023.

On his To Be The Man podcast, Flair and co-host Conrad Thompson were discussing WWE’s strong ticket sales for Royal Rumble 2023, which takes place on Sat., Jan. 28, in San Antonio’s Alamadome. Flair expressed curiosity about what will happen to those ticket numbers when people find out that, “I’m gonna be there.” When asked if it’s okay to reveal that news, Flair said, “Hell yeah. They didn’t say don’t tell anybody.”

Raw’s 30th anniversary show is set to take place earlier that week, on Jan. 23 in Philadelphia. Ric is invited and plans to pay for a lot of alcohol while celebrating the occasion:

“I’ve been invited and it’s a fucking big deal...why? Because Raw, and it’s a big fucking deal. And I’m honored. Hell yeah, are you kidding me? 30 years. You think about that. Remember [when] Nitro was just gonna destroy Raw? I can’t even remember how to spell Nitro anymore. Can you?”

“For me, it will be getting in there Sunday night. I’ll be looking for [Steve] Austin, Undertaker, John Cone, anybody that’s within sight for a cold beverage. And I’ll be buying.”

Flair has not appeared on screen for WWE ever since he was released by the company in August 2021. Since then, the biggest pro wrestling news he’s been involved with are the allegations of sexual misconduct made against him on Dark Side of the Ring in September 2021, and his return to the ring for Ric Flair’s Last Match earlier this summer.

WWE got back in the Ric Flair business in June 2022. Given his close relationship with Triple H, it’s not surprising to hear that he’s been invited to January’s major events.

What are your thoughts on Flair’s big news, Cagesiders?

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