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MLW Roundup: Davey Richards wins openweight title, Killer Kross in action, more!

MLW is serving a Thanksgiving treat in Falls Count Anywhere between Alexander Hammerstone versus Richard Holliday for the World Heavyweight Championship. That bout will air for free through Pro Wrestling TV at 8 pm ET Thursday night.

Before we preview that matchup, let’s jump back to the week that was in MLW.

Davey Richards won the MLW National Openweight Championship on last week’s episode of Fusion. You might be thinking that Richards was already the champ. And you would be correct in that logic. This episode was filmed back in June, and Richards has been gallivanting around the globe defending gold since then. That doesn’t take away from the enjoyment of the match though, at least in my opinion.

The backstory was Richards answering an open challenge for a time-limit draw. Myron Reed turned on Richards to attack after the match. This was Richards’ second chance to take the gold from Kane.

The main event bout was a full-length contest for MLW standards on Fusion with 12+ minutes of a fight. And a fight it was. The Suplex Assassin dominated early with suplexes to batter Richards around the ring. Richards rallied with intensity for repeated headbutts to set up a superplex. The match progressed with exchanges of heavy strikes and suplexes. Richards gained the advantage in the end for a blitz of offense. Flying stomp by Richards. Kick out by Kane. Brainbuster by Richards. Kick out by Kane. Gotch driver by Richards. Kane did not kick out, and a new champ was crowned. That was a very enjoyable match in the Richards style of competition. Kane looked strong in defeat to remain on the star radar.

In other action from the same episode of Fusion, Killer Kross thumped Matt Cross. Scarlett Bordeaux accompanied her man ringside. Remember once again that this show was filmed in June before Kross and Bordeaux rejoined WWE. Cross’ strategy was to act as an elusive target, however, it wasn’t long before Kross clobbered him. Cross struck with a cutter and launched for a shooting star press. Kross moved away, so Cross rolled through on the landing. Cross charged for a jumping back elbow, but Kross caught him. Cross knew it was instant doom as Kross finished with a Doomsday Saito suplex for victory. Short but sweet style of speed versus power.

On the tag team tip, Samoan Swat Team defeated Los Maximos. I can’t tell the Maximos apart just yet, since they wear the same outfit. Los Maximos went for a teamwork stepping stool attack, but Juicy Finau caught one Maximo to slam on top of the other Maximo. Lance Anoa’i buckle bombed a Maximo, Juicy landed a running corner splash, and Lance followed with a cannonball. That wasn’t enough to finish. Los Maximos regrouped to attempt a double Spanish Fly on Lance, but Juicy pulled them off the turnbuckles for a double Samoan drop. Lance connected on a flying splash to win. Fun big man action in this bout from the Samoan Swat Team.

On the story side, tension is palpable between tag champs Calvin Tankman and EJ Nduka. Reed planted seeds in Tankman’s mind, and Nduka was angling for a world title shot from Hammerstone. There was also a mystery attack for the second week in a row. Hammer found Tankman laid out with a calling card adding to the puzzle. Cesar Duran denied involvement, but he was intrigued by the violence. We can’t forget about Ole Mancer. Mance Warner was drinking and thinking about fighting Mads Krugger when Microman tried to steal a cold beer. Warner respected the guts on Microman, so they shared frosty beverages. Salud!

Moving forward to the preview of the Thanksgiving show. Two title bouts are on tap with Alexander Hammerstone defending the MLW World Heavyweight Championship against Richard Holliday in Falls Count Anywhere and Taya Valkyrie defending the MLW Women’s World Featherweight Championship against Brittany Blake.

Bad blood runs deep between Hammerstone and Holliday ever since Holliday violently attacked Hammerstone in an effort to prove he is the sole proprietor of the Dynasty. Holliday’s desire was MLW’s top prize. The former bros duked it out at Kings of Colosseum (match video). In the end, Hammerman hammered up to run wild on Holliday for victory via Nightmare Pendulum. Now, it’s time for a rematch after Holliday weaseled his way into the good graces of Cesar Duran.

Relive the good times, the bad times, and the dynastic times in this hype package. It certainly gets the energy flowing in anticipation for FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE!

Taya was attacked by Blake. Thus, a title match was made. The women’s division in MLW isn’t deep, so it doesn’t take much to challenge Taya for the championship.

The Thanksgiving episode of Fusion kicks off at 8 pm ET streaming on Pro Wrestling TV.

For fresh news, Alicia Atout returned with the latest installment of MLW Insider. Taya Valkyrie was the guest interview. Interesting nuggets include Hammerstone defending the heavyweight strap against Yamato from DragonGate (assuming Hammerstone wins over Holliday) at Blood & Thunder on January 7, Billie Starkz debuting in MLW at the same event, the Opera Cup trophy is still missing so the tournament is on hold, and Taya teasing the possibility of John Morrison returning to MLW.

Share your thoughts on the happenings in MLW.

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