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A Hit Row diss track on The Viking Raiders

Hit Row dropped a diss track on The Viking Raiders. You can watch it right here:

Top Dolla
I can’t even lie
I’m gettin’ tired of getting jumped from behind
Me and my guys
These cowards always wear a disguise
Either a mask or war paint made out of cow pies

B-Fab the wrong one to think that it’s sweet
You will catch this fade like the end of a beat
Nasty foot lookin frostbit
Get spun by your antlers, deer you’ve lost it
I don’t play games, I just aim

Top Dolla
Look, I don’t play games, I just maim
Who hotta? It’s not nada
And y’all both built like some grandfathers
It’s Top Dolla, the top shotta, the Allfather
Bout to end y’all back to Valhalla

Hit Row got a hit list for ya crew
So the next song we write might be about you
True true true true true

Rate the bars, please.

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