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Scrypts debuts on NXT TV

We know that Shawn Michaels likes to get his hands on wrestlers who don’t have much going on the main roster to try to get as much out of them as possible in NXT while developing the stars of tomorrow. There’s a good mix of both on the black and gold brand.

It seems we’ve found yet another main roster wrestler who took plenty of time away and has come back with a new character.

It’s Reggie!

Or, as he’s now known, Scrypts:

After weeks of vignettes hyping his debut, all of them featuring vandalism and some mostly cheesy rhymes delivered via voice changer on a voicemail left at the WWE Performance Center, Scrypts arrived this week on NXT TV on USA Network. And everyone noticed right away that it was a repackaged Reggie.

The fans at the show even chanted his name.

He picked up a quick victory over Guru Raaj to get his run started.

Hey, when you end up divorced after a dispute over a championship that is no longer in existence, things can sometimes go a little wacky.

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