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WWE officially changes Michin’s name to Mia Yim

Since returning to WWE earlier this month, Mia Yim has allied herself with both The O.C. and Bianca Belair’s babyface WarGames team for Survivor Series. Those things arguably didn’t get as much attention as the news last night (Nov. 21) that the company officially changed her character name to “Michin”.

Yim explained/defended the change on social media last night, and continued to do so on The Ten Count with Steve Fall. At the same time, however, she offered an explanation for why Graves was still referring to her as “Mia Yim” on the broadcast:

“It’s a nickname within The OC. All the boys have their nicknames, and they’re like, ‘You need a nickname too.’ Okay. We’ll do a nickname that I’ve had since I was a kid. Something that my mom has been calling me since I was a kid. We’ll go with that.”

Which makes it sound like “Michin” is to Yim what “Machine Gun” is to Karl Anderson, and “The Big LG” & “Doc” is to Luke Gallows. And that’s also the indication we’re now getting from, who has changed Yim’s entry on their roster page back to...

Very strange, but at least we don’t have to have a debate about Nazi U-Boat commanders this time.

Let us know what you’ll be calling Mia Yim going forward, Cagesiders.

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