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In appreciation of Mustafa Ali

We’ve tried to make it a point here to be appreciative of the wrestlers who are placed in the unenviable task of looking bad on television so that others may look good. It’s what the entire industry is built on, after all, and while it’s only natural to focus on the winner we gotta give the loser his due.

This week, it’s Mustafa Ali.

It feels like it’s been Mustafa Ali many weeks, if we’re being honest.

Our man has been asked to do nothing but put everyone else over the past couple weeks. Just last Monday, he was getting beaten up and thrown around by Bobby Lashley. Then, he was asked to go to Friday Night SmackDown to fill in for an injured Rey Mysterio in the SmackDown World Cup. He gave Ricochet a damn good match and put him over on his way back to the red brand. That’s where he gave Austin Theory a good match en route to putting him over before also getting beaten up again by Lashley to put him over too.

So he helped put Ricochet over on his way to a semifinal tournament match against Braun Strowman, and then put Theory and Lashley over on their way to a United States championship match at Survivor Series.

Nothing but respect and appreciation for this man and what he does.

Anyway, here are all the videos from Raw this week:

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