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WWE officially changes Mia Yim’s name to Michin

Earlier this month, we got word WWE filed a trademark on the term “Michin”.

Michin is a Korean word for “crazy”. That was our first clue as to who might use the name on WWE television, since Mia Yim — whose mother is Korean — had just returned a short time before. Then on Raw last week (Nov. 14), we got our second when Yim and her pals in The O.C. told us “Michin” is one of Mia’s nicknames.

During this week’s episode, the company’s website made the change official.

Her bio has also been updated, retroactively making Michin her name for the entirety of her WWE career.

Michin is living proof that hard work and dogged determination pay off. Long considered one of the most talented women in the independent ranks, Michin first turned heads in WWE during the inaugural Mae Young Classic in 2017. Her true breakout moment, however, came in the following year’s Classic, when Michin’s gutsy performance in the Quarterfinals earned chants of support from the WWE Universe. Their pleas did not go unanswered, as WWE COO Triple H immediately offered Michin an NXT contract after the match.

It’s a change of pace for Triple H’s WWE, which has been letting talent use their real or self-established names, in some cases even reverting back to them from a Vince McMahon era change. Michin is trying to head criticism of her new name off at the pass by promoting it...

... and confirming it was her idea...

... and giving the Stone Cold salute to a smart-ass co-worker who made a joke about her husband’s infamous WWE-given nickname:

What do you think of Mia’s move to Michin?

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