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WWE Raw results, live blog (Nov. 21, 2022): War Games advantage

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Nov. 21, 2022) from the MVP Arena in Albany, New York, featuring all the latest build to the upcoming Survivor Series: War Games pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for this coming Saturday night in Boston.

Advertised for tonight: Rhea Ripley takes on Asuka in a War Games advantage match, where the winner secures the advantage for their team in the upcoming match this weekend. Presumably, we’ll learn something about Team Bianca Belair’s fifth member, who still hasn’t been revealed. It’s hard to imagine Seth Rollins missing another major PPV, so we’ll likely see what they’ve got in store for the U.S. title at the show, and a whole lot more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog will kick off once the show starts on USA Network. It will be below this line here. Reminder: GIFs and pics allowed, but no links to illegal streams, please.


I severed my ties to shroud this body under the streets of this city and wait for the day when I am summoned to walk across the face, and right now I’m gonna liveblog this here pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with the intro video.

Kevin Owens makes his entrance and gets on the mic. He talks about entering WarGames as the fifth man against the Bloodline, and he did it because of one specific person on the other team, and he’s not talking about Sami Zayn. Sami’s like a brother and whatever he’s got going on is his problem, no, he’s coming for Roman Reigns.

It’s been two years since they met in the ring and he’s coming to remind Roman just who the hell he is. He’s Kevin Owens, he’s the guy who took him to the limit three times, the guy who if it wasn’t for the Bloodline, would have ended that history-making title reign before it even started, and the guy who’s coming to WarGames to take out the whole family so that he can take the title the next time they meet.

He went to SmackDown because he was extended an invitation and it would be rude to not return the favor, so he didn’t come alone tonight.

Enter the Brawling Brutes, through the crowd, followed right after by Drew McIntyre.

They come to the ring and Sheamus takes lead on a promo about how they’re gonna kick ass on Saturday and he told that muppet “Sam Zayn” that he’d crap his little Ucey pants when he saw that Kevin Owens was their fifth man. Drew takes over and says Bloodline are holding the titles hostage and abusing the numbers game, but on Saturday that’ll all change.

You’re looking at five lads ready to walk into hell with a smile on their face and tear the Bloodline apart.

Enter the Judgment Day.

Rhea Ripley takes point on the mic and says the only thing people will be talking about is how many women she destroys in her WarGames match, and tells the Brutes they must be lost. Damian Priest takes over and says this isn’t play night, and here you show respect to Judgment Day.

Tell ‘em Steve-Dave Dominik Mysterio chimes in and tells them to go to SmackDown and tell his deadbeat dad he said hello. Finn Balor calls out AJ Styles and says he’s coming to collect at Survivor Series, but for these five clowns, he hopes the Bloodline smashes them at Survivor Series.

And next time they show their ugly mugs on Raw, Judgment Day won’t be so nice. Sheamus talks to his fellow Irishman and says he doesn’t respect him, he’s the kind of Plastic Paddy he’s come to despise. Balor scoffs and says even salt looks like sugar and he’s one salty Irish bastard.

Sheamus says since they’re all here why not do Judgment Day vs. Brawling Brutes right here, right now! (Van Halen’s kicking ass in America?)

They accept and it’s on... after the break.

Brawling Brutes (Pete “Butch” Dunne, Ridge Holland, & Sheamus) vs. Judgment Day (Damian Priest, Dominik Mysterio, & Finn Balor)

Back from commercial, match joined in progress and the Brutes have Balor in a bad way with quick tags, but he gets away and tags Priest in! He and Sheamus wailing punches at each other, battering ram lariat gets the Celtic Warrior two and he tags Holland in.

Uppercuts, a headbutt, vertical suplex reversed with a knee, forearm smash, whip reversed, knee lift gets an uppercut and Ridge is scrambling! Broken Arrow, tag to Mysterio, he takes a few too many punches for his own taste and Finn has to save him. Dropkick, cover for two,

Back to Dom, putting boots to him, he wants the Three Amigos but Ridge reverses into a vertical suplex! Tags made, Dunne lighting Balor up, Mysterio runs interference and eats a kick for his trouble, Pete fighting off more interference, taking Finn down into a Fujiwara armbar, Damian pulls him to the floor for South of Heaven into the apron to send us to break!

Back from commercial, Judgment Day working Dunne over, leg drop Demolition Decapitation, enzuigiri gets Pete some breathing room but Judgment Day clear the apron! Sidestep a charge, Balor goes hard into the post, tag to Holland! Ridge off the ropes with shoulder blocks, Priest runs interference and Finn follows up with the inverted headlock elbow drop!

Tags made, Dominik backs off when he realizes he has to fight Sheamus and he runs away up the ramp! The Celtic Warrior catches up to him and the OC enter to make sure Mysterio doesn’t run off! Back inside, Sheamus takes Finn’s head off with a lariat, for Dom too, coorner lariat sets up the Irish Curse!

Beats of the Bodhran countered, lifting reverse STO from Priest, he catches Butch on a dive but eats a kick that sends him to the floor and Dunne moonsaults off the apron onto him! Finn takes Pete out, Dominik with a schoolboy for two and Sheamus catches him flush on the jaw with a cracking knee!

Beats of the Bodhran work this time, 20 of them square in Mysterio’s chest! Calling for it...

Brawling Brutes win by pinfall with the Brogue Kick from Sheamus on Dominik Mysterio.

Post-match, Balor and Damian attack Sheamus but he sends Priest packing and brawls him right into a roundhouse kick from Luke Gallows on the ramp! Kevin Owens gets up and turns Finn around... STUNNER!

Johnny Gargano is interviewed backstage and says Miz lied and used a metal turnbuckle because he knows he can’t beat him, and that’s why he’s challenged him to a rematch tonight. The only thing he wants out of this whole thing with Dexter Lumis is to do the right thing by a friend and get him what he deserves.

Tonight he just wants Miz man-to-man, Johnny Wrestling vs. whatever phony character he wants to play tonight.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, the Miz makes his entrance and says he’d love to have a rematch but unfortunately he injured himself doing a TikTok.

No he wasn’t dancing, he was kicking and punching and sliced right through a cactus. Yes, he owns cacti in California, he’s rich, and the cactus didn’t survive, but he will. In a week he’ll defeated Dexter Lumis, but he knows Johnny Wrestling wants to put on a show for these people and arranged a replacement opponent...

Enter Omos.

Johnny Gargano vs. Omos

Miz is on commentary for this one.

Gargano moving but Omos plows him under with a big boot! To the floor, the Nigerian Giant follows and Johnny dives on him a few times! A plancha attempt gets caught and Gargano gets slammed into the apron face-first! Omos palms him up and over the ropes and into the ring, chokebomb blocked, sidestep into the post, landing kicks, he goes up top but slips and falls into the goozle!

Nigerian Giant lifts him high...

Omos wins by pinfall with a chokeslam.

We see Seth Rollins getting mic’d up for an interview backstage and go to break.

Back from commercial, we get a recap of the Austin Theory saga.

Seth Rollins is interviewed and says he’s never felt better despite having all these targets painted on him. Asked about defending at Survivor Series in a triple threat he says he asked for this match because he has a bone to pick with both Bobby Lashley and Austin Theory and he figured two birds one stone.

You don’t tame Bobby Lashley, you survive, and he’s got a PhD in getting back up. Austin Theory is still the stupidest person on the face of the earth, and don’t get it twisted, it’s not because he tried to cash in on the United States Championship, no he thought that was very well timed, no it’s because of what he tried to do last week.

You call Cody Rhodes and asks him what it’s like when you pick a fight with Seth Rollins, see how that recovery is going. They’re not in WarGames, but their match will be a war, because they’re all on the cusp and could snap at any moment. The real question is what are those boys gonna do to prepare for him?

He’s one of one, a visionary, a revolutionary, and after Survivor Series, he’ll still be United States Champion.

We see Austin Theory watching the interview on a monitor and he turns to the camera to cut a promo.

He says Seth doesn’t understand him, nobody understands him, and rock bottom is the best thing that ever happened to him. He’s not that kid he’s been in the ring with before, he’s a new man, and he will be taken serious. After Survivor Series, this entire business is gonna know what time it is.

Anybody wants to step up will get sent home.

Austin Theory vs. Mustafa Ali

Theory in with wristlock stomps to the ribs, back body drop, Ali lands on his feet, whip reversed and Austin follows it up with a backbreaker for two! Mustafa with back elbows, floats over a suplex, tilt-a-whirl DDT connects and gets him some breathing room!

Boot up in the corner, back suplex connects, Mustafa off the ropes but Theory cuts him off on the floor! Rolling thunder countered with a superkick, Ali crawls to the cover, only two! Crossleg fisherman buster over the knee gets Austin a nearfall of his own and turns the tide back in his favor.

Back suplex lift into the Tree of Woe, putting boots to him until referee Chad Patton pulls him off! More strikes, Ali lays him out, off the top with the 450 but his ribs are banged up and Austin rolls out of the ring before he can make the cover! Back inside, fireman’s carry...

Austin Theory wins by pinfall with A-Town Down.

Post-match, Bobby Lashley appears on the tron.

He says if Theory wants to be taken seriously, he’ll be serious, and if he waits in the ring, he’ll come down there and give everyone a preview of Survivor Series.

But first, the break.

Back from commercial, Austin Theory is still in the ring and Bobby Lashley makes his entrance.

Bob gets on the mic and admits he’s surprised Austin’s still in the ring. Look at him standing there all tough like he wants to fight! If he thinks he can stand in the way between Lashley and the United States Championship, he’s got another thing coming.

All he had to do was pick Bob’s scraps and he couldn’t get the job done! Theory says everyone in this arena knows he’d be the champion if it weren’t for Lashley! He runs Bob down for not being able to get it done and both of them are gonna underestimate him so he’s gonna end up as United States Champion.

Bob says he’s not gonna walk out tonight and hits the ring to brawl with him! Taking Theory into the corner, wild punches and kicks, throwing him across the ring! To the floor, mounted punches against the barricade, Austin floats out of an attempt to post him but Lashley just throws him over the timekeeper’s barricade!

Theory with a steel chair, walloping Bob with it but he stiffens steel ramrod straight and gives chase through the crowd! They brawl into Gorilla, where Austin throws Mustafa Ali at Lashley! Ali shoves Bob indignant and Walking Armageddon takes him to the stage and throws him into the LED boards a few times!

And so we go to break.

Alpha Academy (Chad Gable & Otis Dozovic) vs. Elias & Matt Riddle

Elias and Chad to start, little bit of mat grappling, the Olympian with the advantage and an armbar, reversed to a hammerlock, side headlock, waistlock, O’Connor roll denied, arm drags from Gable! Arm wringer, whip reversed, up and over, shoulder block, the Drifter off the ropes, whip across, front kick staggers him!

Chad shushes him and gets back body dropped and the babyfaces pose to send us to break.

Back from commercial, Gable getting worked over with quick tags, he gets a northern lights suplex on Riddle and tags Otis in! Body blows in the corner, bodyslam, drawing Matt up and smashing him into the corner for quick tags. Top wristlock applied, grinding Riddle down, dragon screw and posing!

Tag to Elias, double whip sets up an electric chair senton, Drifter off the ropes for a dropkick to Otis and he follows it with a plancha! Otis catches him and rams him into the barricade while Chad takes care of Matt with an Everest German suplex on the apron that sends us to break!

Back from commercial, Gable is working Riddle over, tag to Dozer, back suplex into an electric chair, Chad up top... ODE TO THE BULLDOGS CAN’T KEEP MATT RIDDLE DOWN! Vader Bomb in the corner comes up empty, the path is clear... TAGS MADE! Elias in hot with lariat, elbow, fallaway slam, chops and forearms in the corner!

Whip across, Stinger Splash, another, off the ropes, duck a lariat, thrust spinebuster and the Drifter is fired up! Hangman’s neckbreaker gets two! Tag to Otis, inverted DDT, Gable off the top, diving headbutt, cover... RIDDLE BREAKS IT UP! Dozer clubs Matt with a lariat, tag back to Chad, pulling Elias in, boot up, tag to Riddle!

Palm strikes on Gable, a front kick, fireman’s carry, he slips out, Frankensteiner over the ropes and to the floor! Penalty Kick off the apron sets up a corkscrew Asai Moonsault! Back inside, Chaos Theory, Matt lands on his feet and tags Elias in, Final Cut connects, tag back to Riddle...

Elias & Matt Riddle win by pinfall with the corkscrew moonsault from Riddle on Chad Gable.

Backstage, John “Bradshaw” Layfield and Baron Corbin are running poker table and talking about how terrible Albany, New York is.

Drew McIntyre rolls up and JBL is happy to see him and teases him about Scotland not being in the world cup before saying if he had been in Corbin’s corner at WrestleMania he’d have won. Drew challenges him to a match with his new manager but Baron would rather settle it here and now.

McIntyre says he respects his elders but not Corbin and punches him right in the neck and promises to see him in the ring!

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get a WarGames explainer video.

Baron Corbin makes his entrance and we go to break.

Baron Corbin vs. Drew McIntyre

Corbin immediately bails to the floor and regroups with Bradshaw on the floor. Back inside, circling, collar and elbow, into the corner, Baron breaks dirty with a throat thrust and presses the attack with strikes! McIntyre fires back with right hands and a lariat that sends Corbin crashing to the floor!

Breaking the count, Drew keeps the brawling coming around ringside, chopping Baron right in front of JBL! Back inside, Corbin throws McIntyre into the post and Layfield claps over the fallen Scotsman! Back inside, hard whip and a lariat, putting boots to Drew in the corner and jawing at him!

McIntyre recovers, big lariats, a belly-to-belly suplex, a neckbreaker, he kips up and picks Baron up, Future Shock reversed, right hands but Drew hits the Michinoku Driver... NOPE! Off the ropes, crossbody caught, fallaway slam connects, headbutt gets a lariat and both men are down and out as we go to break!

Back from commercial, jockeying for position in the turnbuckles, Corbin lands a superplex... NOPE! Trading punches, Baron with a throat thrust, McIntyre floats over a slam but gets cut off by a back elbow! Spinebuster follows, jackknife pin but Corbin kicks out!

Chokeslam gets two in return, Drew lays him out and waits, but Baron has the Claymore scouted! Up on his shoulders, Olympic Slam... NOPE! To the floor, McIntyre puts him into the barricade and takes him back in, fired up and counting but JBL is on the apron!

Drew charges in, Deep Six connects for a nearfall! Akira Tozawa appears and steals Bradshaw’s hat, drawing him off through the crowd! Corbin distracted, Drew off the ropes...

Drew McIntyre wins by pinfall with the Claymore.

We see the OC chatting backstage and we go to break.

Back from commercial, commentary recaps our opening match.

The OC are interviewed backstage.

AJ Styles says the OC are his family and this thing between him and Finn Balor ends at Survivor Series. Finn Balor rolls up and says he’s not a bad guy, he’s worse, he’s the devil, and when you dance with the devil, you never dance again.

Rhea Ripley blindsides Mia Yim and Judgment Day arrive for a wild brawl! They fight out of the loading dock and Damian Priest slams a car door on Luke Gallows as security and referees finally arrive to break it up and send us to break!

Back from commercial, Asuka, Alexa Bliss, & Bianca Belair make their entrance.

Belair takes point on a promo, talking about how she and Bayley have been tearing each other apart for the future of the division, but it all ends in WarGames. Alexa Bliss says she’s ready to get payback on everyone in Damage CTRL and throw Nikki Cross in the trash where she belongs.

Asuka says they’re ready for war, but no one is ready for them, and tonight, Rhea Ripley isn’t ready for her.

Enter the heel WarGames team.

Bayley takes point on a promo, mocking the idea of waiting until Friday to find out the fifth woman and says the EST is stalling. Or is it harder than she thought to find someone else who likes her, because nobody respects her around here, not even her teammates.

No, they just want to be next in line for the title, not that they’d stand a chance. Mia Yim’s been here for a cup of coffee, Asuka and Alexa have lost to her girls time and time again, all lead by the same champion who’s throwing poor little Asuka in the fire instead of stepping up herself like a real leader.

Rhea says she’s going to eradicate Asuka just like WrestleMania, referee Chad Patton gets between themand shoos their partners away and we go to break before the match begins.

Asuka vs. Rhea Ripley (WarGames Advantage)

Circling, collar and elbow attempt leads to a lot of hair grabbing and a couple old-school hairpull throws from Ripley! Big elbow from Asuka, smashing her face into the turnbuckles, Kawada kicks, block a final and Rhea drops her with a forearm! Snapmare, kick to the back, off the ropes, basement dropkick... NOPE!

Missile dropkick from the Empress, Ripley to the floor, she blocks a baseball slide, electric chair, Asuka gets out with punches and smashes her into the apron! Elbows to the spine, running hip attack to the side of her head! Rhea taking her sweet time and letting Chad Patton count, popping up on the apron to break it.

Finally back inside, Asuka meets her with a knee, la casadora blocked with a slam and mounted forearms to the back of the head! Paintbrushing Asuka’s neck and head, stomps to the back, kick the ribs, throwing her into the ropes and elbowing her in the kidneys!

Clubbing her for another two count, bodyscissors locked in, forearms to the back of Asuka’s head, cranking her neck, counter to a pin, no good! Rolling her around, the Empress reverses to an ankle lock and grapevines the leg! Ripley breaks free, shoulder block into the turnbuckles, putting her up top, trading slaps!

Fired up, dropkick cuts Asuka off and sends her crashing to the floor as we go to break.

Back from commercial, Asuka sidesteps a charge and crawls her way back into the fight! Duck a lariat, knotting her up with hamstring kicks, uraken after uraken, Codebreaker connects! Running hip attack, bulldog blocked, catch a kick into a leg-trap German suplex... NOPE!

Off the ropes, la casadora blocked into the inverted Cloverleaf in the middle of the ring! Slinging Rhea out of the ring, Asuka meets her at the apron and gets clobbered with a forearm, Ripley goes up top but the Empress trips her up for two! Rhea fired up, kicks and stomps, headbutt, bridging northern lights suplex... STILL NO!

Pulling her up by the hair, Cobra Twist but Asuka floats out and gets kind of a grounded octopus hold! Damage CTRL at ringside, Rhea takes advantage and rams her into the corner to break the hold! Roundhouse kick sets up a flying armbar as the babyfaces come to ringside to even the odds!

Ripley struggling, reversing to a pin, ducking and dodging, pumphandle...

Rhea Ripley wins by pinfall with Riptide, earning her team the advantage in WarGames.

Post-match, the two teams brawl on the floor! Rhea Ripley ends up taking everybody out single-handed but Mia Yim returns to even the odds and fight her out into the crowd! Asuka perches on the turnbuckles and dives into the fray!

Commentary hypes the Survivor Series card up.

That’s the show, folks.

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