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WWE puts itself in an interesting situation with Strowman vs. Ricochet

In the immediate aftermath of his win over Omos at Crown Jewel, Braun Strowman was feeling himself. For some reason, he decided to express that by taking to Twitter and touting his size. It’s “the prize,” as he put it.

Which would have been fine if he didn’t also add in some digs at “flippy flipper” wrestlers, which pissed off not just fans but those within the company, as well. He offered up a lame apology in an attempt to square things with his co-workers and eventually deleted all of the tweets associated with the entire incident.

Interestingly enough, WWE decided to make it part of the story on-screen during Friday Night SmackDown this past week. Ricochet, a flippy flipper guy, advanced to the second round of the SmackDown World Cup to set up a match against Strowman next week. The two had this confrontation backstage to build some hype for it:

This strikes me as an interesting decision precisely because it backs WWE into a corner. Whether intended or not, a Strowman win in their match next week would serve to indirectly endorse his original message, that size is the prize and flippy flipper wrestlers don’t measure up.

I suppose they could work the match so that Ricochet proves himself worthy while still coming up short in the end and Strowman gives him a glowing, and very public endorsement right after. But that wouldn’t hit nearly as hard as Ricochet simply beating him clean.

Either way, they’ve set themselves up to prove a point on either side. We’ll see which they choose in just a matter of days.

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