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Logan Paul knows it’s ‘ridiculous’ he’s facing Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal title

Jake Paul v Anderson Silva Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Something like Logan Paul challenging Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal title would normally draw a ton of flak from wrestling fans. And there have been complaints and more than a few eye rolls about Crown Jewel‘s main event.

But it hasn’t been a huge talking point heading into the Nov. 5 PLE. There are a few likely reasons why:

  • It’s a part of the very good and very popular Bloodline story.
  • A lot of us are unofficially in a “honeymoon phase” with Triple H after he took over creative from Vince McMahon a few months back.
  • It’s a Saudi Arabia show, and many fans expect this sort of thing on those twice-yearly cards (if they don’t skip them altogether).
  • Logan Paul has proven to be an entertaining pro wrestler in his two previous matches.

Another possible reason? It’s an extension of that last bullet point, which is evidence of Paul’s commitment to the business/sport/art form of professional wrestling. The “Media Megastar” agrees with folks who think he shouldn’t be in this spot. That’s what he told Tom Welch and Sean O’Malley on TimboSugarShow.

It came up when he was asked if he had any issues with other wrestlers on the roster:

“Truthfully, I keep to myself. I imagine there are a few wrestlers who have a problem with me going for a title in my third match. That’s ridiculous and I acknowledge that, but I don’t acknowledge the Tribal Chief and I’m going to fuck him up in Saudi Arabia.”

We’ll see how that whole “fuck him up” part works out for Paul. But recognizing and [ahem] acknowledging the shortcuts his celebrity is affording him does help mitigate any backlash to him or his position.

Logan’s confident that, and his in-ring ability, will convince haters to [ahem] acknowledge his skills. That’s what he said in another interview, this one with the United Kingdom’s Verge Magazine:

“If the WWE fans don’t already respect me, after Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia on November 5th, you will be forced to respect me. You might not like me. I might not be your favorite wrestler, but you will have to respect what I can do in that ring, and that’s my goal. I could give two ***** who likes me or not, but you will always acknowledge that when I get in that ring, you are going to be entertained. That’s my goal.”

Excited to have Logan Paul earn your respect in a ridiculous title shot?

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