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Matt Cardona is leaning into rumors of a WWE return

Earlier this week, we heard WWE might be interested in bringing Matt Cardona back to the company. Triple H in particular, the rumor goes, is impressed with how much work the former Zack Ryder’s put into getting and staying over in places like GCW, the NWA, and Impact Wrestling.

Well, if that’s right, The Game is gonna love what Cardona’s been doing on social media in the supposed dying days of Twitter...

He also posted pics from his WWE run that involve legends like John Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hugh Jackman*, CM Punk, and The Undertaker.

The 37 year old from Long Island also posted a graphic depicting his title wins in WWE (the United States, Intercontinental, and then-WWE Tag & Raw Tag belts with Brian “Curt Hawkins” Myers), along with a not-PG reminder he needs one more to become a Grand Slam champion. Cardona re-used that one today when a fan asked him a question while he was promoting tonight’s Impact streaming special...

We’ll see what happens. In addition to talking Impact, Cardona is also tweeting about the NWA, claiming to be the savior Billy Corgan’s fed needs.

Cardona is of course not going to give anything away, but he did tell The Ten Count’s Steve Fall:

“I see what’s being talked about. Let the people talk. I’m a former tag team champion, former Intercontinental Champion, former United States champion. I do have some unfinished business. To quote Justin Bieber, never say never.”

Woo Woo Woo**?

* If you weren’t watching Raw when we got celebrity Guest Hosts almost every week, (a) good for you, and (b) you probably can’t understand how awesome it was when someone like Wolverine showed up and actually wanted to be there.

** He may keep the catchphrase, but Cardona is on-record as not wanting to take on the “Zack Ryder” name again if he were to return.

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