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Shawn Michaels announces new NXT match: The Iron Survivor Challenge

WWE hyped a major announcement from Shawn Michaels on this week’s episode of NXT TV, and folks wondered if it had to do with possibly taking a page from an old main roster gimmick match. As it turns out, they were right!

As Michaels explained it:

“NXT is a brand focusing on developing the superstars of tomorrow, but also a brand focused on innovation. On Saturday, Dec. 10 at NXT Deadline we will present to you a revolutionary new match never done before in WWE history.”

They’ll call it the Iron Survivor Challenge this time, and there will be both a men’s and women’s match. As Michaels explains it, the match will be 25-minutes long and the five participants will battle each other and the clock. Two wrestlers start the match and every five minutes a new wrestler enters until all five are in the ring. Whoever has the most falls — which can be earned by pinfall, submission, or disqualification — when the clock hits 25 minutes wins. A fall counts for one point but losing a fall means going to a penalty box for 90 seconds. The winners earn a shot at the NXT championship, and NXT women’s championship.

Participants for those matches will be revealed in the weeks ahead.

Sound good to you?

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