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WWE’s not changing their WarGames rules for the main roster

When Triple H brought WarGames to WWE in 2017 for that November’s NXT TakeOver show, there were a couple notable tweaks to the format fans knew from the concept’s JCP/WCW origins.

“The Match Beyond” — the official contest that begins when all participants have entered; whatever damage the combatants do to one another before the final person gets in the cage only counts insofar as it softens them up — could now be won by pinfall in addition to submission. And the structure containing the two rings no longer had a roof (Haitch says that was to further differentiate WarGames from Hell in a Cell, and because it allowed the wrestlers to “do so much more stuff”).

With this Dusty Rhodes’ invention graduating to the main roster this year for Survivor Series, it doesn’t look like WWE will be changing anything.

• Two teams will be contained in separate cages with one member of each team starting the match.

• After five minutes, a member from the advantaged team will be released to enter the match.

• After a three-minute period, alternating members from each team will enter the match until all competitors are inside the cage.

• Once all competitors have entered, WarGames officially begins.

• The only way to win the match is by pinfall or submission.

Not listed but presumably still in effect? If any member of a team choses to escape the match by climbing out of the roofless structure, their entire squad is disqualified.

Otherwise, it should be the same as what you hopefully loved about the NXT version... only with Raw and SmackDown Superstars.

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